2016 Dreamer D42 motorhome review: Sleeping in on a budget

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  1. Mark caswell says:

    There are always people who say oh it’s a Fiat if it were a mercedes I would buy one well its not a mercedes it’s a Fiat and a lot for the money if you want a mercedes go and buy one for twice the price it is what it is value for money

  2. Bob Horn says:

    Right nice report, well done, I enjoy your write ups, and comments. Is there a spare wheel on this conversion? if not is it possible to get one? and at my age 78 would I have to pay cash, or can I get Hp, some guidance would be appreciated.

  3. Gordon Pomfret says:

    To the author of the article.
    Please define the intended meaning of the terminolgy “covers off”, and the origin thereof.
    As in:
    “This covers off two ranges…”
    “There’s the Dreamer Pack, which covers off “essentials” such as…”.
    It seems to me to be some kind of ‘mangled’ use of the English Language that has somehow inveigled itself into our culture from I do not know where (probably the USA). I can find no reference to the term in any dictionary I have, or on-line. I would suggest it is an inappropriate term, in that it is unsuitable for the intended audience of the article.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Apologies if any offence was caused by the use of language in this article but we do try to write for a broad range of people. It was intended to mean that this describes/deals with that aspect of the motorhome. We hope you continue to enjoy our articles.

  4. Ray Taylor says:

    Looks good on the information provided but for me very little storage areas. Where do you put chairs, table and cushion for that outdoor living. I certainly wont be rushing to buy one even at that price.

  5. P Connolly says:

    Priced as budget looks like budget no oven and only 2 ring hob pretty poor

  6. Malcolm Kerman says:

    A one piece mattress fixed bed, a good size toilet compartment, 2 comfy lounging seats, a large fridge to keep a pint of milk, some salad stuff and a few beers, a couple of burners to make a brew and a light snack, this van should meet most needs (oh I would probably take a toaster with me and go for the 2 option packs) fantastic in a van that will park most anywhere.

    For those like me, that like a little more freedom (and I can never resist customizing), I would add another leisure battery, 2 large solar panels and probably an awning.

    A choice of base vehicle would be good as the Fiat/ Puegot/ Citroens are not suitable for my short ( 5’1″) wife to drive.

  7. D Corcoran says:

    I wouldn’t want one , its on a Fiat chassis and I can think of nothing more off putting than a fiat engine and chassis having had two and both bad a bad experience, when they do one on a Mercedes Engine and Chassis I would be interested. on the Rapido side of things one of the best converters I the business for quality products.

  8. Ron Eccles says:

    Compact is the right word. There would seem to be more room in the washroom than the bed. A 3’9″ bed is just about big enough for one person, (with small feet)! I will stick with my Autocruise Accent thanks.

  9. Richard Kilbride says:

    These seem to be be excellently priced as the Brit offerings are over 10 grand more. Made by Rapido too. Wish I could afford one.

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