2016 Swift Conqueror 565 caravan review: Single beds, double luxury

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  1. Trevor sprague says:

    It would be good idea if the people reviewing caravans knew which side is the offside and which is the nearside

  2. Christine Taylor says:

    Well I’m going to disagree with the above comments. I love the two fixed single beds, not at all uncomfortable and no covers/ duvets slipping off. We hard to do a lot of searching to find one last year but certainly wouldn’t go back to having to climb over your partner to access the bathroom in the night. So for us it us the ideal. However I’m not too sure about the fridge freezer! It takes up a lot if room and caravan sites are often close to a large supermarket or village store selling fresh or frozen food.

  3. Mike Potter says:

    What a mis-matched layout, the whole caravan looks as though the planner went in with pre-made units, and juggled about trying to fit them in, so your partner has to always be shorter than you to have a bed each, so if you decide to have all the family sitting on the front lounge seats, the kitchen flap can’t be used, so is the work space really that large! and I can envisage people catching their hip area on that protruding sink, score out of 10, a low 3 for Swift.

  4. colin says:

    owning a swift at present , all be it a 2berth, 2011 model, I would not trade in for this model,This looks boring. after some time spent in this model I can see people losing their appeal in it and be wanting change very quickly.

  5. Dave a says:

    We have owned a number of caravans and I have to agree with the comments made about this Swift. The best family two person touring caravan we have used to date had a double or two single beds at each end and a swing bunk at the back. The kitchen and bathroom were opposite in the centre.

  6. Bailey says:

    I do think that the cooker is to near the bed with linen on, it could catch??

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      There is a partition between the cooker and the beds but will pass on your feedback. Thanks.

  7. Bert Bandeen says:

    Looking at the finish on this van I would not be too happy with it as I have an older version in which the cabinets etc have a more luxurious appearance as well as the bulkhead under the the curved sunroof has far better finish in my elite, I’m sorry Swift but this van is not up to standard, to many short cuts on the finer touches

  8. John G says:

    We had two fixed beds like the Swift in a caravan some years age, [I think it was a Bailey, big twin axial job] what a pain, the bed covers kept slipping off onto the floor. We thought this was the answer until we started using it.
    A double bed that you can get around is much better like our current Swift Challenger 580 SE..

  9. ashley marsden says:

    Hi there
    what a missed opportunity ! Two fixed single beds surely it would be better to have two long bench seats that can be used as beds so the kids can sit down the other end and play on their phones etc. Our van is the dinette that makes into a double bed(with an end bathroom) sometimes we leave the bed up and other occasions we put the table up making the van a lot more flexible. What a shame its not available any more.
    Regards Ash

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