2016 Lunar Lexon 570 caravan review

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  1. Neil Brandrick says:

    It’s each to their own. If you have 10 box’s to tick and you tick 8 then it’s a good result for you. You can get whatever layout you want from the enormous range of vans on the market. What makes the difference is your particular preferences and this van ticks most of my box’s. A sensible provision for the TV i.e. not in the front window which is rare for scan with fixed twin beds, decent bed sizes, a weight towable by a large family saloon. Etc. Looks good to me.

  2. pamela cunningham says:

    dont like end toilet .if one goes to bed will be disturbed with anyone using bathroom.also in the night.and would still like manual gas fire .heats up quicker then blown air.have a luner 2 B would have liked a fold down extra small table at side of sink for cooking or a television.and should have a option if you want a oven or extra draw space..what about solar panels and mover allready incorperated. also better securtiy on windows and in side door.if you talk to people who travel on the continent this is one of their concerns as well as a gas alarm.against intruders.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Pamela. Caravan layout and specification is very much down to personal choice and not everyone will like the same. Models are also often designed to meet popular demand.
      We have passed your comments on to Lunar Caravans and your concerns about better security and gas alarms will be fed back to their design and development team.

  3. Don Holloway says:

    We pick ours up Wed 30th March,can’t wait our dealer is changing our 3 month old Sterling Eccles 530 for a Lunar as we have had more than 30 defects with the sterling.

  4. Andrea ward says:

    Really like the look of the van and the low weight is great .

  5. Alan says:

    I would like to add a comment for Lunar. why is the door holder on the outside of the door so short that when the keys are left in after opening the door it dents the side. A longer door holder would do the trick.
    Also why is the worktop so high, why does the cushions on the settees stop you opening the drawers on the front unit?. Silly points I know but I feel are valid points.

  6. Alan Ellerton says:

    Like the change back to flat roller blinds away from the pleated ones that let light in…..

  7. Delbut says:

    Why 2 single beds and why is the lounge in the front so when eating everyone passing can see what you’re doing?
    If you want to watch television in bed I guess you need 2 one in lounge one in bedroom not good.
    Come on Lunar think outside the box lead the design don’t follow like sheep.

  8. Anita Brittain says:

    We like the look of this new caravan and will definitely have a look at it.

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