2016 Swift Rio 325: Electric bed on board

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  1. E&p morrison. says:

    Just got one great Motorhome fixed bed all mod cons 10/10

  2. Andrew Harcourt says:

    When you are stopped somewhere without mains, there are several things you cannot use, which would annoy me. It looks good though I think that people of a certain age would prefer two garage doors to remove the necessity to crawl across to the other end to get stuff. I imagine when you eventually come to sell it, you will find things in there you didn’t know you had. Unless the bed lifts- but as it presumably has belt straps to vary the height, I guess you can’t get to the storage space without going through the external door. I think it would be possible to design it to hinge, though.
    If it was 6.3 metres long, my personal maximum, it could have extra space at the front dinette, which would probably make me buy it. The solar panel will prevent the batteries discharging during periods when it isn’t in use. Owners should be aware that modern electronics in vehicles are still drawing current from the engine battery when it is switched off. The solar panel should charge both the engine battery and the habitation battery.

  3. Cyri. Jones says:

    Look very nice. Lay out

  4. Diane Radford says:

    Sounds great,yes I would love one as well!!!.

  5. Joanne Deacon says:

    This is a compact yet well thought out motorhome with enough space not to feel cramped. The added attraction of a microwave, plus good sized fridge and cooker with both oven and grill are an added bonus. The ready made up bed screams comfort and labour saving – ideal for those of us of a certain age who dislike the back breaking task of making a bed up every night. All in all, a super little motorhome with an attractive appearance and excellent VFM.

  6. ernie bacon says:

    love one

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