2017 Swift Kon-tiki 649 motorhome review

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  1. Graham says:

    How much fridge space does everyone need when you’re mobile? we have this vehicle, it offers so much space and freedom and does go anywhere… if you need more chilling then get another chill box and put it under the rear lounge seats, perfect for all the cold drinks, water etc – runs on 12v and 240v so chilling whilst driving… and accessible from the inside

    personal recommendation – if your buying new, have the 180BHP engine as certaily makes the difference – if you can afford add the E & P system / front suspension springs upgrade, changes the whole dynamics of the vehicle when driving and parked, especially if you enjoy wild camping… https://www.ep-hydraulicsnews.co.uk/ then it should last you years…


  2. Steven says:

    We were also seriously looking at this model but fridge size became a deal breaker and purchased an Autotrail. Strange that such fundamental things seem to get overlooked

  3. Tim Church says:

    Great article, we have one and love it. Easy to drive in fact a great cruiser. We use it mostly in Europe where the attitude to motorhomes is somewhat more enlightened than here.Love the rear lounge just great for entertaining friends. We like the different zones within the van which enables as much freedom you can get in a relatively small space. While the fridge could be bigger its not a deal breaker for me as we like to eat out when in France as much as we can, guess if you like to stay in and cook then I can see it being an issue. Not found a van yet that ticks all the boxes but this one almost get there for us

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Great to hear you’re loving your Kon-tiki Tim. Hope you enjoy lots of adventures in it for years to come.

  4. Gerard Cox says:

    We looked seriously at the Swift but only put off by the fridge size too and went for an AT Scout with almost identical layout

  5. Andrew Sheppard says:

    Spot on comment at the end. Some of that oversized rear lounge should have been sacrificed for a larger fridge. It won’t sell many because of the fridge. Swift have a very limited view of the motorhome market continuing to design vehicles that only suit being used in Britain. Big Ovens and small fridges! If this is the way swift think then their market will continue to be limited to owners who only spend their time in British campsites. Had one once, neighbour has one now. Wouldn’t go anywhere near one as they aren’t exportable, even for a holiday!

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