2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB caravan

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  1. Dave says:

    We brought a swift Quattro EW twin axle, the spare wheel was under the fixed bed but I needed the space for storage ,so I had a spare wheel carrier fitted to the rear, behind the 2nd axle and my nose weight is 65kg. Now I have all my contents are stored under the fixed bed.
    So long as the contents are packed low down, and you have a good nose weight, with a good tow car that’s capable of towing, then this Caravan is a great tow.

  2. Lex MCKay and Merryll LEckner says:

    Hi , we have had our Sprite quattro EB for just over 12 months and have just noticed the large front curved window in the middle has a crack on both outside and inside layers starting from a point in the rubber at the top of the window. Surely this would be a warranty claim- would you agree? We have only been away in it twice as we have had other commitments .What would have caused this?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We’d suggest taking it back to your Swift dealer for inspection, so they can ascertain if it’s a potential warranty claim.

  3. Gary davis says:

    We have had a spare wheel carrier under our previous van and to put it simply don’t use one. Always best to have the wheel in the front locker if you can if the nose weight ok with it there or under the fixed bed if needs even if you can’t take it out via a side locker door. Never had to use our spare but when moved it from the front locker under rear of van the tyre rubber perishes much quicker, even if put it in any protective cover of any kind. They all damage and perish the tyre much quicker with condensation etc than if kept in a secure and dry, dark area with better temperature control as well.

  4. andy and julie says:

    we have got our new Swift Sprite Quattro EB caravan after a lot of looking at many caravans this is the one that we kept going back to. but apart from the spare wheel under the bed we can’t fault it great layout I will be looking at getting the spare wheel carrier for it so that will sort that out. But agree with others it would be better fitted as standard.

  5. Tina Haigh says:

    I love this caravan. Its my second choice at the moment. I really like the fixed bedroom, bathroom in a good place, no one walking in your space to get to it.
    Im in a seasonal site so i’d put the spare wheel in my shed at home so ive more storage so thats not a problem. I wish the fridge was larger but over all i really like the set out.

  6. Roxy says:

    I agree with the negative comment about the spare wheel under the bed. This not only takes up valuable room but also restricts access around it too which further compromises storage space. I bought a Swift Major 4 EB this year which also had the same problem so I decided to invest in an Alko spare wheel carrier which my previous Swift caravan came with. The mounting holes come as standard as part of the Alko chassis so it’s very easy to fit. For the sake of £100 (or less) I’d rather Swift include this as standard and adjust the price accordingly making storage under the bed much easier.

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