Security locks for your caravan or motorhome

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  1. Graham says:

    What’s the point of window security covers??!
    With a simple rechargeable electronic tool, I and others can gain access to the interior of your caravan in seconds!!!
    The Manufacturers have never seen or tried to secure this major defect!!

  2. clive ballinger says:

    does your company endorse security marking of windows headlights/all glass ??
    also your comments on fitting a dashcam
    clive ballinger

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We don’t offer a discount for security marking on windows and headlights/glass for motorhomes at the moment Clive. We’ll speak to our underwriters about dashcams.

  3. A White says:

    Hi To All,
    With security in mind why are manufactures not fitting the 3 Point locking system on the doors that are available for French windows in a home environment.
    Plus why can’t all manufacture’s of caravans & Motorhomes all be fitted with alarms as Standard.
    After all most new cars now have alarms fitted.
    So it might cost a few Bob more but your fit one anyway.

    Other peoples thoughts please!

  4. A Forrester says:

    The caravan that we have is a forever one, as we are in our 70s, and will be our last, so I fitted Endliegh garage dead lock bolts to top and bottom doors, they cant be opened from inside without the key, so if any one is getting in it will only be through the windows, and will have to go out the same way, which hopefully some one see and report, at home the van is parked on the driveway which has locked post’s and chains all the way around plus all the other things like wheel clamp, hitchlock, the only downside is when we go away the caravan is gone, which lett’s people know the house is empty,That’s another thing I do, I have two plug in dummy tv’s which come on at dusk and flash all different colour’s plus time switches on lights that come on at random times, I dont want to tempt fate and say any thing more, all the best for the comng year to you all, Alan.

  5. Bob Dunford says:

    I am concerned about the combined door lock/grab rail. Surely any burglar has a lot of mechanical advantage when trying to pull the frame from its locked position, this could easily tear apart the flimsy motorhome or caravan sidewall. A large spreader plate of metal would be needed, heavy and not too attractive. The small pivoting door locks give a good place for a burglar to place a crowbar, again ripping apart the sidewall.

  6. Eddie Jennings says:

    New to motor homing, found the advise very helpful.

  7. Kevin Smyth says:

    We were broken into on Sunday night whilst on an Aire on the A7. The thief/thieves easily screwdrivered the front door of our Bailey Unicorn. Fortunately on climbing into the van progress was slowed, but whilst shining a torch my partner awoke and shouted at me. At this they made off with my shorts and wallet,cash,cards etc which was on the settee. The Police declined to attend etc.
    Has anyone fitted extra security to the inside of their door to prevent it being opened from the outside ? I have made a temporary fix with a piece of reo bar which reaches across the entire door frame whilst at the same time is bent behind the door lock.

  8. Ric says:

    In response to Andy Culley’s comment “nightmare getting a new passport when yours is stolen in Europe” – readers should be reassured that -YOU DON’T HAVE TO! As long as you report to the local police station AND get a crime sheet / number, that becomes your “new” passport. You produce that as your passport as necessary, at customs they will arrange a telephone call to the UK Customs and a few questions to check your “authenticity” and you can then get a proper replacement at home. Otherwise you will pay for a “TEMPORARY” passport while abroad and STILL have to arrange a replacement on your return.
    We had ours stolen while cycling through France and after a very helpful phone call to the Bordeaux embassy were assured we didn’t have to detour into Bordeaux and WASTE money on a temporary passport…..and they were right. We produced it all over France with no problems apart from apologetic campsite owners – that THIS had happened in their country!!!
    Thanks for your newsletter.
    Keen cyclist AND campervan owner! Ric

  9. Peter Ingram says:

    As someone else said, if they want to get in they will. Our VW van conversion was broken into in Spain last year and valuables stolen. We were away from it for only 15 minutes! How did they get in you ask? Because the converter had used the bog standard top hung plastic windows with plastic window catches, they just got their fingers under the bottom and pulled, snapping the catches. Not content with that they did the same to the other side window and then proceeded to rip out the concertina blinds!
    These same windows, made by Seitz are fitted to many caravans and motorhomes.
    So fitting extra locks will not keep them out.
    A Dutchman we met in Spain told us he has 2 safes in his camper van, a cheap in full view that he keeps copies of insurance papers etc in, and a better safe, hidden from view for passports etc.
    Might be worth a thought?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear about your break-in Peter. A safe is a sensible idea for valuables.

  10. Robert Haysom says:

    What a useful and informative article! What a pity I could not read it BEFORE Santa delivered my Xmas presents. Ho hum

  11. Paul Morgan says:

    It really annoys me, after spending 50K+ on a new MH. Why should we have to buy extra locks. When we spend that sort of money is it not time manufacturers fitted decent locks on all their MHs

  12. Dave says:

    Get a dog! Variable starting costs, ongoing companionship, transferable between van changes. Only downsides is potentially expensive visits to the vet, some more difficult to train than others.

  13. Andy Culley says:

    Additional locks inan attempt to prevent unauthorised access are pretty much a waste of time.
    Just think of how strong the standard window locks are! They are made of plastic and are fitted to plastic windows. One good pull on the bottom of the window and they fail!
    A FAR better option is to fit a decent safe in which to store your valuables in. it WONT prevent unauthorised access but it WILL keep your valuables safe. Trying to get a passport replaced whilst abroad is a real nightmare.
    Additional exterior security devices such as steady locks etc do offer additional protection against theft OF the caravan but not FROM it.

  14. Rob Hayes says:

    Good review on locks, better to be able to know where your caravan is, than was, parked, security is always a well sought after topicto take care of your possessions, but having said that if they want it they’ll take it, and having seen what protections you put on you van they’ll move on to one that hasn’t.

  15. Ron Wintersgill says:

    An excellent article which clearly explains the options available complete with costs and fitting details. If fitting is to be undertaken by a dealer or workshop there will of course be additional costs which are likely to exceed the cost of actual devices.
    Overall though very helpful

  16. David Field says:

    What about corner steady locks for trailer tents with 17mm steady screws? Nobody seems to make them!

  17. peter Marshall says:

    Hello can not understand why you are promoting these products if they are not saving us anything on ou r already too high insurance policies I joined the club thinking I would get out of the grips of Ryanair and all the other rip off air travel companies , but I have found that all the rip off agents have descended on the caravanners

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Here at Caravan Guard we already offer many discounts for axle wheel locks, alarms, tracking devices, as well as devices which improve safety such as reversing cameras and tyre pressure monitors. The article simply aimed to highlight other devices which you can fit to your vehicle to improve security to make life more difficult to potential thieves and give you that extra peace of mind.

  18. Lizz Cook says:

    Having had just had our quad stolen in the last week I was wondering about additional security for my motor home. At the moment it only has a wheel lock which I find difficult to use having abad hip and getting down to fix it onto the wheel is not easy. Ihave been thinking about a tracker which you don’t menttion but it’s not qite the same.

  19. Lrd R Robertson says:

    Since I’m new to Motorhomes I found the article very helpful.

  20. Rod Fennings says:

    I find that a Fiamma Duo Safe Security bar is us useful (visible) additional deterrent to potential thieves of motorhomes.
    The bar (consisting of two telescopic sliding pieces) that fit inside the cab of your motorhome, and slide down on each side between the door glass and the inner door moulding, preventing the doors from opening from outside. Once in place the sliding component of the bar is locked into place making the bar very rigid.
    Like any other security/ deterrent it can be overcome by a thief, in this case by breaking a side window and removing the bar, but in our case I have alarmed the bar with a vibration/ alarm sensor which will make things that bit more noisy and difficult for a potential thief.

  21. Hotcrossman says:

    I can vouch for the Lock-Me-Out devices. I have no connection with the supplier but bought some when at a Motorhome show. They are not cheap but as they are manufactured to a high standard and therefore very sturdy, I would highly recommend them.

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