2019 Bailey Phoenix 640 caravan

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  1. Basso says:

    I looked at this at my local caravan dealer. Love the layout, but found the front seats very hard and uncomfortable, and the dark wood interior a bit dull and dour. Think I will stick with my trusty Orion for now!

  2. Andy Culley says:

    Interesting that someone thinks it’s a stupid layout, they would appear to be in somewhat of a minority as this layout seems to be very popular judging by the number of similar layouts on the market. Just because it’s not to YOUR taste doesn’t mean everyone else holds the same opinion does it?
    What exactly is “stupid” about it, likewise what’s ugly? Most Caravans are big white square boxes these days (unless you are looking at an airstream but they are somewhat expensive!)

  3. Rob Hayes says:

    Why not do a poll of what people require to make caravan a home whilst touring, i.e. Where the bed is situated, like you leave the caravan without a tv so people can fit there own, but give a choice of 3 makes, same with a microwave, fridge, and the likes & build a people caravan and see what the general outfit would be, but, ask them what unit they have now, just a thought.

  4. B J says:

    Too little payload , yet again, no ALDE heating, so therefore I would not entertain it

  5. Brian Negus says:

    Obviously another caravan NOT designed by a woman. What a stupid layout. Ugly too, bring back the Pursuit range!

  6. Andy Culley says:

    A lot of caravan for your money. I am waiting delivery of a Dealer Special version that has lots of extra goodies inc ATC (why such a good safety feature it’s not fitted as standard is beyond me) plus a lot of other niceties that bump the spec up to virtually the same as a Bailey Cabrera (same layout) with the exception that the Phoenix has blown air not ALDI heating. The really important thing is that my dealer special costs six thousand pounds les than the Cabrera!!! I certainly cannot see how its worth 30% more!
    Apart from that it seems to be an excellent choice for couples, especial if you have the occasional guests staying as the bathroom is amidships so is accessible to all occupants at night, an important factor if you are of “a certain age!”
    The one slight niggle I have is that the EHU point is no longer hidden away in the battery locker (the battery is now under the floor) so the hook up point is on the near side, which means it’s sticking out into the awning space with the potential of the cable becoming a trip hazard. A much better location would be out of the way on the offside along with the water inlet & gas locker. I sometimes wonder if caravan designers ever actually use the products they design. Perhaps the fact that it would take about 2m more mains cable to cross the caravan and reach the charger was the influencing factor? If so that’s really penny pinching!
    Andy C

  7. Cyril Cook says:

    I have just taken delivery of an upspec 640 from Chipping Sodbury caravans which is renamed Platinum. I was very disappointed to find there is no carpet fitted in the bathroom area and a very cheap alternative microwave oven that did not fit the aperture leaving a gap of about an inch around..

  8. John Wright says:

    Very interesting design. A lot for the money

  9. J C says:

    Still no frontl locker

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