2019 Roller Team Toleno L motorhome

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  1. Andrew Harcourt says:

    At least this tip-up wash basin holds enough water to have a wash in. Beware the tip up basins that have no plug, and no means of holding water once it has come out of the tap. Take a close look, several manufacturers have basins that dump the water as soon as it enters the basin so you should have the water tank permanently connected to a tap! Also if you want warm water you are throwing gas down the drain along with the water!
    This one like many has the fridge below the wardrobe. So if you want something from the back of the fridge you will have to get down on your knees. Whereas if the fridge was above the wardrobe everything in it would be easy to get. The wardrobe can be at the bottom because when you remove something from a wardrobe you just unhook the hanger from the rail and that doesn’t require you to get on your knees. That seems obvious to me but you have to search hard to find one with the fridge above the wardrobe – but they do exist.

  2. Stuart Fray says:

    I can’t find anywhere whether the Toleno L has winter preparation as standard or as an option and I’d like to know if it has under-slung lpg or bottles?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Stuart, the Toleno doesn’t have the option of winterisation, but it does have a 25 l underslung gas tank.

  3. Gaby S says:

    As a relative newbie to caravaning. I do hate arriving on my pitch to have the ‘neighbours’ sit and stare at me setting my caravan/awning up. I find this slightly intimidating, as if they’re watching and waiting to have a laugh at my expense.

  4. jonathan white says:

    The link at the end takes you to their website, but there is no info about the 2019 range or the Toleno L model reviewed.

  5. Allan Strickland says:

    Barking dogs that bark as soon as anything moves near them that are not properly controlled by their owners.
    Also owners who allow their dogs on long leads to run up to you and try to jump up your legs or lick you and the owners saying ” He is only trying to make friends with you”.
    Dog owners should respect that not everyone wants to hear their dogs or make friends with them.

  6. Will Harrison says:

    Very narrow kitchen area to work in, cuts space in half internally. Swivel seats to nowhere, particularly driver side. Too much of a compromise for large lounge area.

  7. ron eccles says:

    Can’t be doing with campers that have a wardrobe or cupboards right behind the drivers seat, so restricting and makes the swivel seat a useless addition. I will stick to my Autocruise Accent.

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