2019 Swift Elegance range review

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  1. Ken Bradshaw says:

    I like the 580 but note previous comments about reduced quality of construction. The payload of these single axle vans is totally insufficient for touring. Think motor mover, battery, an extra gas cylinder., aqua roll/ wastemaster, water in heater and you have used over two thirds of the available user payload. Why is there a fitting for a bike rack? It will put you overweight if you use it before you think of Pot/Pans, clothing, bedding, food and any personal items.
    Nice looking van but needs at least another 100 kg available for habitation.

  2. Alan. Andrews says:

    My 2012 conquer 565 had to have a new electric board in toilet.and a new cooker had a job to get that.and a few smaller jobs I have done myself

  3. Andrew Barnett says:

    8ft is not that much wider when towing…if you have trouble in Devon or Cornwall with 8ft Caravan it will not be any better with a 7’4” one.

  4. Steve Richards says:

    Just purchased a factory fresh 2018 Elegance 580, by the way got a great quote from Caravan Guard for the insurance. However the comments that the 2019 is more luxurious I do not agree. The 2019 model feels and looks like the conquerer from the previous year which was 2k cheaper. I could go into lots of detail but I won’t. Also the 2018 is completely timber free also. In addition they have used a cheaper construction method on the new 2019 similar to the previous year 2018 challenger which is why the front looks the same. The aerodynamics of the 2018 are also superior. Most of this was pointed out by a dealer but on my research I have had this confirmed. 2018 was last of a breed. I would be interested in what issues the other person on here had with their 2018 factory fresh van though.

  5. John Chadwick says:

    Don’t tour in Norfolk either, buses, artic lorries will go right down the side of your 8 ft van. I am not being a killjoy!

  6. G Pyett says:

    Note: the rear camera is fixed to a reversing camera only, it does not function as a touring rear view camera, this is not stated in the brochure ?

  7. Chris says:

    I had a Fleetwood caravan in the early 2000’s and went to the South Hams in 2004. On a road between Devon Banks near the crest of a small hill I met a number of cars. They all pulled in and stopped. I had no more than 3 inches either side of my van as I crept by. Later that day a large 4×4 towing a large caravan arrived. The driver had met a super market articulated delivery van on the same bit of road, they both had tail backs behind them and could not pass each other. It took over two hours to sort out the traffic and proceed to the caravan site.

    A recent trip (not towing) to Somerset showed that the A39 near Minehead has a few very narrow parts especially in villages.

  8. N Dal says:

    What confuses me is that the Eccles’ decor is modern yet the higher range elegance is back to cheap looking wood!

  9. Mary Thompson says:

    We have a Swift Elegegence purchased new last year. Fantastic luxury caravan and we have only had a few minor problem which were soon put right and certainly no major problems. Found the factory always eager to make sure thing were attended to. Looking forward to seeing the new 8ft wide version and are tempted to exchange our caravan for one. We travel to Europe a great deal in the summer and have found no sites which do not like twin axle caravans or 8ft wide ones one which are becoming very popular in Europe.

  10. J forshaw says:

    How many times do you go down Devon and Cornish type lanes towing your caravan? Very rare they are under 8 ft in width anyway and nosing you have a wider caravan behind you why would you want to make that your route. The largest model looks a beautiful home from home unit although if I do have a gripe it’s that more and more sites dislike twin axle caravans

  11. Michael Fairbrother says:

    Swift seem to be trying to monopolise the caravan / motorhome industry this does not do the customer any favours.
    I have experience lots of issues with my swift caravan bought in 2013 after having lots of warranty claims on the caravan in the first 3 years was not a problem only the fact I had to keep taking the caravan back to the dealer 6 times in total.
    I still have issues with the caravan and swift say they are not covered under the warranty I have argued with them to no avail, will not buy a swift caravan again.

  12. P Cole says:

    8ft wide!!!. Don’t tour in Devon and Cornwall

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