2020 Bailey Discovery D4-3 caravan

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  1. John Phelps says:

    No need for me to criticise as I own a Barefoot which is of the highest quality you can get, but comes at considerably more cost than this van.
    Suffice to say Bailey are heading in the right direction with a smaller van. It is about time the British caravan industry on the whole looked to the future with smaller vans rather than the monsters of the past for their survival and environmental reasons including the future rise of electric tow vehicles.

  2. Gerald Freshwater says:

    For those not used to towing – likely with a first time buyer – the 8′ wide size and short wheelbase just make things more difficult. How much easier, for the same weight, if it were 6′ 6″ (2m) and a little longer to provide more useful storage. I certainly wouldn’t swap our 10 year old Hymer 470 for this.

  3. Lorraine Turner says:

    I would not buy this nothing but plain and tiny.

  4. Allan Gilmour says:

    I like the awning but not the caravan. It looks cramped, basic and lacking in any style. Has little to no storage and would quickly become an annoyance. The awning being an additional cost, along with 1 or other of the other options do not make this van close to being value for money. For the price being charged the awning should be included.

    Seems to be a means to fleece potential buyers. I would advise anyone new to caravaning to buy a good second hand van and see what works for you before investing in something better than this for that price.

  5. Mark says:

    As a caravan repairer we see all different types of caravan fitouts. Some of the more stylish and modern interiors use leather or high-grade vinyl upholstery while other low end caravans tend to use cloth material. From our experience Bailey could do with taking a leaf out of the Australian caravan market and jazz up the interior of their vans with some high-quality materials. The increase in material cost would be very small in comparison to how well the vans would present to the market.

  6. Andy says:

    Terrible. Bailey trying for first time caravaners? No one is stupid enough to spend 17k on a new van, are they? .

  7. Colin says:

    Bailey are going backwards not forwards with this caravan.

  8. A White says:

    Well The first part is all about the awning!!
    Caravan looks very “tacky”.
    Were do you store your clothes!
    There does not seem to be a front locker?.
    Nothing about what size gas cylinder you can have, or where it is stored.
    The shower curtain must be a joke, have you ever tried showering in a small room, the curtain wraps round you.
    As for the tap position have you ever tried washing over a tap?
    Nothing about heating.
    Very poor standard from Bailey
    Would not buy one.

  9. Bert Burkinshaw says:

    Looks cheap and nasty, small front window makes it look dark inside, appears to take us back in time not very appealing. Awning looks interesting but would require a substantial pitch to fit it on.

  10. Chris says:

    Yet another idea to get more money for less of a van, a bit basic for today’s caravan ,as for the price there are a lot better vans out there. Not for me. If you want a small van go look at Swift Alpine 2 a lot better van for the same price and better build quality. This is a personal opinion.

  11. Edward Denney says:

    What a dreadfull noise proof that silence is golden

  12. Dick Murton says:

    We have a 2011 Elddis 360, which has a screen to stop the shower wetting the rest of the toilet facilities. As yet, we have yet to see anyone else do this, so as we hate getting a shower curtain wrapped around like a jellyfish, so making showering very unpleasant, even difficult, we find it impossible to change our van for something more up to date and hopefully with better finish (think we got a Friday morning severe hangover version. If Elddis could do it then, why is it seen as impossible / not worthwhile for anyone else (including Elddis) since then to do it?

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