2021 Auto-Sleeper Kemerton XL motorhome

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  1. attheappletree says:

    Once again a camper van converter is determined to cram as much furniture into a van as possible, leaving very little room to move around inside.
    The significant difference between a camper van and a motorhome, the big sliding side door which should give a feeling of space, is nullified by installing furniture across it, see the photo above of an enormous seat built across the door.
    Camper vans should be different to motorhomes offering a more outdoors experience where less is more.

  2. soulowner says:

    You can buy a dam good motorhome for the price of a panel van. Having had both, as I say motorhomes are far better value, but panel vans are a touch easier to deal with, although not easy to live in if you are tall.

  3. Colin Opie says:

    How do you get, and what is the layout, of the two single 6′ beds compared to the double bed shown in the photos?

  4. Donald Campbell says:

    Good article, but I have always found the Autosleeper seats easy to slide off of. Perhaps these are different, but I still have a personal preference for two permanent single berths hence the Globecar Campscout is my choice.

  5. dave says:

    so where do you put your wheel ramps, bbq, awning, table and chairs etc?

    • Hi Dave, you could put such items directly in the washroom, easy to retrieve when you park up. Another viable option (for some of the items) could be the base of the forward-facing rear travel seat or the base of the settee.
      As ever, the benefit of having a washroom across the back, as here, is offset by challenges elsewhere. But, motorhome owners are canny folk and soon find solutions. Hope this helps?

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