2022 Auto-Sleeper Warwick Duo campervan

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  1. Andrew Harcourt says:

    I think this is the first time for many years that AutoSleepers have offered a locker instead of an under floor tank. As LPG is getting harder to find in the UK with petrol stations removing their LPG pumps people get anxious about its future availability. Abroad it is cheap and plentiful so obviously it is a better option if you are spending most of your time there. If you have one refillable bottle and one regular bottle you have the best of both worlds. Under floor tanks have been known to go rusty and even fall off when the mounting straps rust through. That’s not meant to put any readers off, but you need to make sure the straps are stainless steel and the tank is rustproofed. Also if you are having an underfloor gas tank fitted it must be done by a competent person. I have seen awful installations with kinked gas pipes and one where the exhaust pipe had to be bashed with a big hammer to clear the tank and even then is was barely half an inch from the tank. This does not not not apply to Autosleepers I hasten to add: they install them properly of course.

  2. Andrew Harcourt says:

    There is the usual ‘extras’ quandary – I would want the concertina window blinds but not the rest of the winter pack. I have never wanted to heat waste water and cannot see the desire for it. Alloy wheels look fabulous in the showroom, but not two weeks later when you have to spend 30 minutes cleaning each one. I would have thought that wheel arch insulation would be absolutely standard on every van make and model, not an extra.
    . . . .and I bet they have the usual strange design feature of having light switches on the ceiling where short people and children cannot reach them – would you buy a house with light switches on the ceiling?
    One thing not mentioned in the article is that if you choose not to pay ‘extra’ for an underslung gas tank, where do the gas bottles fit? Is there an external access cupboard for them and if so what internal space does it remove?

    • Hi Andrew, Auto-Sleepers have said they would offer a gas locker as a no-cost option for a factory-fresh new build before it’s manufactured, but the gas locker would use up roughly the same amount of space in the bench seat as the floating wardrobe above it.
      Filling the gas tank is cheaper than using bottles.
      Thanks, Liz

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