2022 Compass Avantgarde 155 motorhome

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  1. Derek & Helen Taylor says:

    Looks ideal like our 2019 Elddis Supreme 155 we love it. Trouble is a fair percentage of Elddis products are going back under warranty for water ingress. Ours has just gone off to be repaired after finding large patches of damp after its first service over 12 months ago and have waited since for a repair. “It won’t cost you anything” they say but while it spends weeks at the repairers you can’t use it, you’re out of pocket on the fuel costs and time travelling back and forward with it.
    On top of all that we have the stress and upset of knowing that the side bench seat, the kitchen, shower room and bed all have to be removed to replace the walls.

  2. Sam Sloan says:

    Looks like a lovely Model of motorhome. It will be a lovely motorhome for someone but it will not suit everyone as different people like different interiors. I like the inside, again it will not suit everyone but if you want this type of van then you will love the layout.
    i would love to own one.

  3. Ian Simmonds says:

    Light-coloured upholstery is totally impractical in a motorhome. It doesn’t much to imagine the state of it after two muddy kids and a wet dog have had their say. Do these designers think that motorhomes are just for cocktail parties?

  4. Marc Copeland says:

    Looking Lovely just wish they were more affordable for Me Ha ha ha

  5. Stephen Broad says:

    Fridge too small. Seating takes up too much space. Apart from this looks pretty good.

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