Top 10 most accident prone parts of a caravan revealed!

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  1. Janet Smith says:

    I have been caravanning for many years and only once have had to have the front rebuilt due to buying a caravan with bad damp in it took the seller to court and got all my money back. But a lot of people don’t know about a place called Halesowen Caravans they are on Amber Way In Halesowen. They do all the spare parts you will ever require and can them. They also do storage and servicing of caravans. Avondale has gone bust and all the spares are down at the above place. They can be contacted on 0121-550-7949 ask for Steve or Terry you can mention that I have given you there address and telephone number.

  2. N.duggan says:

    Why does caravan insurance cost more than car insurance a caravan does not have an engine.for the majority of owners is only used a few times a year,has wheel locks,hitch locks,tracker,locked in secure gated compounds with cctv,but costs more than a car of similar value

    • Hi N Duggan,

      There are a numbers of factors involved. The car/caravan’s worth, the postcode in which it’s stored, driver claims history, experience and security requirments etc. It’s difficult to pinpoint why one premium differs from the other.

  3. Brian Mackie says:

    Caravan floor and wheel arch was damaged following a blow out on the M25. Thanks to RAC for changing the wheel in dangerous conditions and to Caravan Guard for arranging a quick repair which was cheaper than I expected.

  4. Phil Justice says:

    our van was damaged by hail in France a couple of yeras ago. The roof and near side were a right mess. Thanks to Caravan Guard all was sorted with no problems at all

  5. Christine Mcroy says:

    We have only been caravaning since retirement 40years to late we love it I am shocked at these prices thankyou for bringing it to our attention

  6. Gina Kirby says:

    I haven’t ever claimed for damage, nor have I ever had any damage in the ten years since I switched to caravanning from camping. I am HORRIFIED at the prices above! Somebody is making a lot of money there somewhere!!!

    • Hi Gina, the claim costs are particularly high in instances where a lot of damage occurred. These prices do however, act as a reminder to be extra vigilant and they’re a good way of opening peoples’ eyes to the kind of claims that happen. No

      • Gina Kirby says:

        I’ve replace panels in my older caravans after damage, and I say again, somebody is making a lot of money there. Even if I costed my time at £30 an hour, the eventual cost wouldn’t have been more than 25% of the above amounts. I’m in the wrong business!

  7. D. Shearer says:

    Spare part prices are ridiculously high and delivery times are appallingly long. Insurance companies are best placed to out pressure on manufacturers to improve this situation.

    • Hi D Shearer, in some of these cases damage was done following a more serious incident or accident. We appreciate spare parts are often costly which is why we feel it’s important to make you aware that such claims can and do occur. So it’s always worth taking extra care when towing and of course maintaining the caravan all year round.


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