Protecting your caravan from fire

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  1. Mr roy birch says:

    a lot of caravan sits do not space out vans properly and leave it to the van owner some of witch do not know the general rules of spacing they cram theme in not allowing fire distance

  2. Tom thompson says:

    I would guess as per instructions using a dry powder extinguisher in an enclosed space (caravan) is a major safety issue to personal health and not recommended. There is a technique for using dry powder and some form of training well advised
    The last caravan fire I last assisted with was dealt with from outside the caravan with dry powder fired inside from open windows while standing outside of caravan. Disconnect your caravan from electric supply point ASAP

    The root cause of fire was metal awning framework under an over packed seat space damaging and shorting out the water heater element.
    The interior after using dry powder was a right off, also bear in mind many materials inside caravan after fire may give off toxic fumes.
    After a bit research I discover a “Fire Safety Stick” which I think are expensive but well worth a look at.
    They operate almost the same as a marine flare, but chemically disrupt the fire triangle and cause less internal damage.
    Available at many UK retailers. Check out Youtube

    As for using BBQ’s in enclosed spaces the biggest risk missed here is the fumes from them are toxic – Carbon Monoxide.
    So if the flames don’t get you the smell will.
    I think a lot of people are unaware of this hazard.

    Hope this can help someone to remain safe.
    Oh and sorry to put the dampers on (excuse the pun), enjoy your break and stay safe.

  3. paulvolvov70 says:

    I have never seen a Caravan storage facility that allows any space between stored caravans and motor homes. You’re lucky if you can walk between the units.

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