Almost one in four drivers say their sat nav has caused an accident

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  1. Paul Clarke says:

    Having purchased a sat nav that took me down an inappropriate road for a car and caravan that was 40 ft long I contacted the company who advised me to over-size slightly. Caravan 7ft 6ins wide – put in 8ft 6ins. Height – add a few inches. Length – no change but weight put it to 3.6tonnes. Works well.

  2. Richard Cummings says:

    Having driven PSVs and HGVs all over UK and Europe long before mobile phones and sat navs there is nothing to beat good old fashioned maps and sitting the night before journey and planning your route never got me into any trouble. As far as I have heard that is part of the driving test now following a sat nav it is bad enough learners concentrating on the road without a sat nav telling you turn around because you have had to go a different due to a hazard you have had to avoid.

  3. D A SUTTON says:

    I can read a map properly which everyone should learn to do BUT before taking van out always check most parts of route and all junctions with Google Earth

  4. John says:

    People are buying cheap sat navs they spend a lot of money on a caravan or motorhome and skimp on things that really matter .
    I’ve had truckers sat nav for about 30 years never let me down you put in all y
    our dimensions you cannot go wrong.
    30 plus years of truckdriving .

  5. Andrew Woodcock says:

    Completely agree Tim, surprised and worried at the findings.

  6. Tim Jones says:

    I’m shocked at points raised in this article. I use a Caravan and Motorhome sat nav into which our vehicles dimensions are entered. I enter the lat/long and away we go. It never fails. However, I had to learn how to do this. It’s not difficult but it does require some quiet time and thought.

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