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  1. Charles Mills says:

    No it won’t be an Elddis or a Lunar had a new one of each both —- build quality.
    Took it in today for rear panel to be told they now just fit caps over the cracks instead of rectifying the design fault.
    As this can also happen to the top corners I will need to make regular checks.

  2. George Meddings says:

    Interesting comments, we purchased a swift sprite 4 fb last year after years of motor homing, for the two of us this is ideal as we love the fixed bed like our last motor home, so problems, well yes i do sometimes wonder if manufacturers actually experience their products, every manufacturer seem to provide snippets of what we actually want such as enough power points, tv placing and please not next to the sink as some do, ( is that not dangerous) one thing i do miss in my swift is the electric hot plate on the stove as we caravanners/motorhomers pay for electric on site prefer when possible to use it.
    Like all we have an awning with no electric or gas point outside, how about providing them as they are a 21st century requirement now, as for interior we find beige and brown neutral colours which is on our list of priority’s when choosing a van unlike some orange red yuk

    • John Gray says:

      It’s a strange situation. The electric hot plate, external gas and electric points are available on Eccles and Eccles Sport (Europa as was), but not on Sprite, although they are all made at the same factory.

  3. chris richards says:

    We have a Senator California series 6, carpets are a light beige, totally unsuitable so we use carpet squares for the area inside the door to soak up the worst wet and mud, also, why can’t designers sort out a decent backrest that could be added, when stretched out on the lounge seat either my head is against the window or I get a sore back, not rocket science

  4. Raymond Oakey says:

    We collected our new 2015 Swift Challenger 530 SE 19th March; regarding the interior we have noticed that all window handles are pointing down except for one, front seats bend down in the middle when sat on with locker doors open. Light switches by entrance door (outside light and interior) are the wrong way around.

  5. Jan Coffin says:

    We have an Elddis Xplore 304. In the first year all the lights would not work as the fuse kept blowing, we took it back 3 times and eventually they found the wiring loom was tight through the body to outside light had chaffed through, and after less than 2 years we had water ingress in one window, all the tapes on the walls were curling up and coming loose. The covering inside of the cupboard doors was coming off and the shelf under the main window had to be replaced. The interior design of the living space is good with the L shaped seating as it gives somewhere for the dog so we do not trip over him. The lay out of the toilet and shower is very poor. The sink is far too large, as it intrudes in to the shower space too much. A sink that tipped up out of the way would be better. Fighting with a clinging shower curtain is not funny!

    • Andrew Harcourt says:

      Let me guess: your next won’t be an Elddis then?
      Likewise, mine won’t be a Rapido.
      I will probably go for a German one next time, they have high standards in their work ethic.

      Or are we expected to believe as a salesman told me recently: “with 40,000 components in a motorhome, some are bound to go wrong”.
      No matey, I do NOT expect a brand new item to be faulty when I buy it. If I buy 40,000 new items I do not expect them to be faulty. Sorry mate if I am being too picky. Once I was manufacturing items for a major car manufacturer who told me that one fault in 100,000 and they would hold the order process until it was remedied. One in 10,000 and the contract would be cancelled. You don’t see many faults in the base vehicle so why should you accept worse quality in the conversion part?

  6. Andrew Harcourt says:

    What make is that, Charles? I haven’t had that, it sounds dreadful. Anyway the cure is to chuck their rubbish in the bin and go to your local carpet fitting shop, get some cut to shape and fitted. It will be a lot quicker, cheaper and better. The prices these manufacturers charge for extras is ridiculous.

    • Charles Mills says:

      Hi Andrew, it’s an Elddis.
      It has now started to suffer from cracks appearing in the rear panel, this is a common fault over stressed abs instead of grp.

  7. Charles Mills says:

    It’s a pity that some extras like carpets fall apart when they get wet, not a realistic design when kids and dogs and us adults come back after a day out when rain started unexpectedly.
    To add insult to injury the replacement cost is stupid for the same poor quality.

  8. John Gray says:

    We tend to rally more than using registered sites, so we see more mud than many. Light colours are a real nightmare. The other design faul I find is unequal weight distribution. Gas bottles on A-Frame, water heater and battery box on offside near front, fridge & cooker midships (often) on nearside. Hardly any heavy items at the back. It’s really unbalanced – no wonder we see articles showing snaking effect on road. Why can’t the water heater and battery sit over the wheels on the offside to balance the kitchen?

  9. Terry Acreman says:

    Just ordered new campervan and we are changing interior trim from standard offering in five shades! Dealer once told me that if manufacturers offered a motorhome/caravan with Tartan upholstery, no oven and no shower no one would buy it, yet most cover upholstery with rugs because of animals and don’t use oven or on-board shower!

  10. Stuart Morrison says:

    Designers still get it wrong when left to their own devices. Our Swift has all its cushions made from the same fabric as the curtains.It looks good, but sateen weaves are not meant for upholstery and all the cushions have pilled after one season and now look aweful

  11. Andrew Harcourt says:

    I recently bought a new motorhome. Our first priority was length, then layout and the interior design did not come into it at all. Firstly each manufacturer offers several interior trims and upholstery choices, secondly they don’t matter anyway. If you don’t like any of them, just go to a specialist upholstery company and spend £500-£1000 and get exactly what you want. That amount of money on top of the initial purchase price of £50,000 or more is small beans. You can change the upholstery, you cannot change the length or the furniture layout.

  12. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    It’s a matter of choosing what you like best. Buy the caravan that suits your taste and layout irrespective of manufacturer and at the price you can afford

  13. MARGARET LEWIS says:

    I am looking to replace the flowery curtains and headboards in our lovely, new to us, 2013 Bailey Cadiz. I think they spoil the modern look of the caravan

  14. Craig says:

    We’ve just purchased a Elddis Crusader Tempest for 4 people and a Greyhound. The layout is the main reason we bought it with the extra wide side dinette that make a reasonably sized double bed instead of the usual bunk affair. As for the colour scheme it’s quite neutral which allows splashes of colour to be added by yourselves. The carpets have been rolled up and took home as having a big dog makes sweeping hair up easy. The Walnut cabinets are also in the middle colour wise which I think will stand the test of time fashion wise. The dark wood bandwagon or indeed the plain whites will look dated by comparison in the next few years so depending on how long you intend to keep the new caravan should also be at the back of your mind when choosing. Ultimately though it’s the layout that makes a caravan work, the colour scheme is secondary and as for build quality I think there all the same these days. You’ll always have somebody prefering one manufacturer over another but as far as I can see there’s nothing in it.

  15. Richard Copping says:

    Hi Lucie, although not having recently bought a new camper van, our main thought was always ease of use. We have 3 dogs that always travel with us and so light colours are a no no. We use throws on all seating and have taken up all carpets to mats. With an end kitchen it enables people to move around the van without getting in the way of work taking place in the kitchen area. We have an autosleeper Orion zeta which suits us very well.

  16. Chris R. says:

    Are caravan manufacturers getting interior design right? I have to admit I agree with Roy Bean’s comment on the Cadiz (we have been waiting since November for ours to hit the manufacturing line (due end of June) – at the point of ordering we were offered was two styles, the standard style suited our tastes better HOWEVER wouldn’t you think (for a little extra) you could have some input into extras? I can order a BMW with lots of extras and have half worn a set of tyres in this order lead time! The Cadiz 3 is better than the Cadiz 2 which suffered with too many different finishes – something the Swift range continues to suffer from in my opinion. Some of us don’t want to be reminded that we’re in holiday accomodation, some of us like home away from home and at home we don’t put wood, steel, textile, glass, granite look along with garish patterns and colours in one room, I’d prefer it not to be in my caravan, hence me waiting for delivery so long. Accessories are something Bailey seem to miss out on too, covers / throws / mats don’t seem easily available

  17. ROY BEAN says:

    We have just purchased a new Bailey cadiz and happy with the colour scheme apart from the very light colour of the carpets. We now have two options – either take them out or go and get new darker ones made that won’t show the marks as much.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Roy. Naturally lighter carpets do tend to show signs of wear and tear more easily. You could try using doormats or rugs to prevent markings from appearing. Using throws on the upholstery could help to preserve fabrics too.

      Many thanks


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