Automatically levelling the caravan and keeping it secure

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  1. Julian Grenfell says:

    I have just tried to get Caravan Guard to accept the above system as a security device; it will not do so! As a single caravanner, I fitted the E & P system to my ‘van; expensive, but very successful! when the lateral rams are down, and the corner steadies down (the caravan is lifted slightly and is level). No ‘baddie’ can remove the ‘van without the power key and the ‘zapper’; the ‘van is immovable! So why is this system (which you have advertised above) not treated as a security device, and so attract a premium discount?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry Julian a levelling system is not recognised by our underwriter as a security device at the moment. We shall be monitoring popularity of such systems and their effectiveness against theft.

  2. Norman Allan says:

    I have this system on my older twin . I’m considering a new smaller van , can the E& P system be transferred ?

  3. trefor williams says:

    Having read all the comments I would reason that if you can afford it, get the system fitted. If, like us, time has lapsed for you, then the payload is far less than that of a large family. Lining up the Alko wheel lock is a big advantage. My caravan was stolen before we even had a trip in it, despite an Alko hitch lock and a SAS wheel clamp, easily removed – we saw it on 3 CCTV cameras! No prosecutions but we did get the ‘van back, slightly damaged but now repaired. I am getting this levelling system fitted this year. Convenience and security being my reasoning.

  4. john garnham says:

    how much would this system cost fully fitted

  5. Martin Phillips says:

    @Chris.Sykes – In our case, 3% of van price, 5% of payload (1% of the weight of the van) and not a waste of money. Horses for courses and all that.

  6. Stephen Glynn says:

    Im curious as to how the e&p emergency retraction works, surely thats what the hand pump does?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      If you’d like to know more Stephen please contact E&P directly on 01254 297785.

  7. Stephen Glynn says:

    Following on from my previous message, i also had nails in two tyres last year from either side (one required a new tyre as the nail penetrated the side wall), i used the hydraulic jacks to lift the caravan to remove the wheels, it was left just up on the jacks in storage for nearly a week until i got back with the repaired/replaced wheels.
    Its just brilliant, in some ways its a better extra than the movers!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Stephen for sharing your positive experiences with the levelling system.

  8. Stephen Glynn says:

    After having the same single axle caravan for just over 10 years, then retiring from work in 2015 aged 58 with a large payoff, we used some of the payoff and upgraded to a new Elddis Super Sirocco twin axle. Had air con, solar panel, 4 powertouch evolution movers fitted but the best thing was the E&P Hydraulics fitted by Conrad Anderson in Birmingham.
    I remembered watching people massively struggling to get the alko wheel locks on twin axles, not the easiest on single axles too, but the hydraulic system makes setting up so much easier. You just use the manual button to lift one side, gently take the handbrake off, spin the wheels and fit the locks, handbrake back on, drop the caravan on ‘retract all jacks’, press auto and the caravan is level, no bounce inside, solid as a rock!
    Recently the caravan parked next to mine in undercover storage was stolen, the plastic cover off one of the wheel locks on our caravan was lying on the floor next to the wheel, i’m convinced the hydraulic levelling activated was the reason they didnt take ours, we dont leave the remote in the van and as it was an after-market fitting the main panel was not cut into the van panelling but hidden away on a coiled up umbilical. We leave the blinds open and nothing much in the van. The van next to us was a single axle with a cover on it too, they removed the cover and ground off the alko wheel lock and hitch lock.
    Our storage has never been touched before and there arent many vans there, there was minimal security which is now obviously being increased.
    But my main point is i believe the hydraulic levelling saved our van from theft.

  9. Erwin Williams says:

    Opting for the manual hand pump would add to the cost, would it also compromise the theft deterrent

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Yes Erwin, the pump does add to the cost and, in theory, could compromise theft deterrent if someone knew how to operate it and had access to a handle/lever. A quick fix would be to padlock the hand pump in place – but don’t lose the key!
      E&P have recently introduced an alternative emergency retract feature within the system, as standard, thereby removing the need for the hand pump as a back-up for any customers who want to be doubly secure.

  10. Ian Carroll says:

    Yes the system is expensive, but my wife and I are very seriously considering a retro fit to our van, as both of us have health issues, me especially. If this system allows my wife and I to remain active caravaners, then it is an absolute no-brainer for us. Also as John above has eluded to, in order for insurance to be valid a twin axle requires both wheels to have locks fitted and we all know how often both wheels line up perfectly when one pitches up, yeah that would be never and is why I carry a trolley jack in the car.

  11. Graham Riley says:

    A good idea which might enable some more infirm to keep on caravanning for longer. For me it would prove to expensive – the full kit needs to be under £2000. What happens if it seizes or breaks down?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Graham, you can manually retract the jacks using the optional manual hand pump if you choose to have it installed.

  12. Kevin Peter Sibbons says:

    Looks go but have to consider cost

  13. colin brown says:

    far too expensive for me certainly over priced

  14. Norman says:

    Good on you Bill my sentiments exactly it’s great.

  15. Norman says:

    Never mind the jokes about it doesn’t matter if the van is level or not, of course it does to have the water waste sink and heating work properly it has to be level especially with a Twin Axle.
    It’s the best thing since sliced bread EVER to have on your van.
    No more jack to carry to change wheel and simple to fit those wheel locks just hit the button.
    So if you can afford it buy it just for your health alone.


  16. Mrs T says:

    Think I’ll stick to falling out with the other half! It’s a lot cheaper and more fun making up!

  17. Brian holder says:

    Great ideas but too expensive for me.

  18. Chris. Sykes says:

    12.5% of van price and 15% of weight allowance. What a waste of money.

  19. Bill says:

    Just bought this system at the NEC Caravan show, as a pensioner with a few medical conditions this system will really benifit me and my wife, press a button jobs done. Yes it is a little expensive but it let me continue having holidays in our van.

  20. Bob says:

    Sounds expensive who cares if your not 100% level

  21. John Wilkinson says:

    At 70 plus it sound the answer to my dreams. With a twin axle Fleetwood, boy do I have fun levelling and fitting wheel locks, which are imperative for your insurance to be legal!!

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