Poll: How often do you clean your motorhome?

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  1. Fred says:

    I always wash our van after at least four hours of rain, and whilst it is still raining, as this helps to get rid of the dirt, and cut’s down washing the soap away.

  2. Maryann Plumbley says:

    Clean and wax before put away for winter, then when every she is dirty – I like mine to be looking good as I do my car. Always clean inside after and during use on a trip – second nature – why wouldn’t you. Particularly as you are in such a confined space. I do a deep clean after a long trip and at the end for the season.

  3. Lloyd says:

    Usually we clean ours the day after every trip and about once a fortnight if we have been away. A monthly wax polish. We leave all cupboard doors open when not in use to help with fresh air circulation .

  4. Douglas says:

    Probably a couple of times in the summer, more in winter depending on the mud picked up during trip

  5. Clive 1 says:

    The roof I do twice a year, get up on top and clean every piece of green “algi” off, even down to using a nail or tooth brush for the corners and crannies,
    this saves a lot of accumulated dirt and muck leaching off the roof down the sides when the van is parked up.
    The four sides are washed after any trip when there has been rain as it sucks up onto the body when travelling,
    I use a domestic size pressure washer under the wheel arches, and for the wheels themselves,
    I dont wax and polish at all, but use a car brand wash n wax shampoo,
    for the roof “algi” I use Autosmart G101, ( strictly follow the mixture strength ) stronger is not “Better” makes the job easy

  6. Harry says:

    Depends on duration of trip & location.

    In the UK washed & waxed at least twice a year. Quick wash down of body & underside jet washed (carefully) after every trip in muddy / wintery conditions or when it’s dirty.

    Abroad (France, Spain & Portugal) a wipe down with a microfibre cloth occasionally (usually when it’s covered in morning dew) does the trick unless we’ve been in the mud.

    Interior thorough clean every 4-6 weeks and swept out every day (we don’t use our carpets).

    Trips are usually 2-4 days once or twice a month with 10-14 day trip in Summer although we have done a 10 month trip in Europe.

  7. M Wraight says:

    Every time I bring it back from a trip away

  8. Colin Osborne says:

    Depends on what my wife has else to do after she has mixed the concrete.
    But generally, I get all the dirty jobs while she changes the sheets, usually after every trip.

  9. Fred says:

    Cleaned after every use, and continually polished including roof, don’t understand people driving dirty vans.

  10. Mike Elliott says:

    clean interior every trip and outside more or less the same except if the bodywork is still cleanish .Always before winter stand down with a tyre check .

  11. Brian Harries says:

    When the swifts nest for the summer, it can be up to twice daily! Once monthly throughout the other months though.

  12. Michael Dinnage says:

    Motorhome is cleaned after every extended use. It’s always at least washed off before returning to open storage with a more intensive clean if the weather has been bad whilst away and especially after winter trips to remove any salt residue.

  13. John Mosedale says:

    Spring and Autumn, and whenever it gets covered in mud or insects.
    Clean inside every trip or when inside gets dusty or mucky,

  14. phil says:

    I dont I have it valited, its much easier…….

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