Bailey Retreat: The UK’s first semi-static tourer?

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  1. Sue Archer says:

    Can I tow a Bailey Retreat Willow with a v6 3 litre Range Rover

  2. Samantha Brewer says:

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you might help. I am looking to hire 2 luxury caravans – might you know of anyone who hires any like these? Many thanks, Samantha

  3. michelle lovelock says:


    We have bought a bailey retreat sycamore would the isabella 420 universal fit? or any other ones, thanks!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Michelle

      We looked up the Bailey website and looked at the specification details of the Sycamore and established the A measurement is 1177cm. We then went to the Isabella site and used the selection guide for a sycamore and established that the Issabella size for a full awning is 1200cm (which is massive!!) the site also gave me the height of the sycamore as 245cm. We were also able to establish that the All In One 240 awning (which we believe to be the replacement for the Universal 240) fits vans with a height of 235 – 250.

      This would suggest that the universal 240 should fit the sycamore.

      Before purchase I would check either with your dealer or Isabella direct for confirmation of fit.

      Caravan Guard

  4. colin whyte says:

    purchased a retreat in august 2012 moved it with my 2012 model ford ranger 3,2 diesel.a good match best thing i done buying the retreat willow loads of space, pity other manufactures dont make similar type of vans i wont be going back to a normal tourer

  5. Jim McCarte says:

    Hi folks. We have just fitted a Isabella universal 420 porch awning to our retreat willow and it fits a treat. It covers the door (handy), the middle and washroom windows and leaves the front and rear windows outside. At 440 x 230 cm on the ground, it is a serious extra space and looks just superb.

  6. Tracey says:

    Jim have have an Isabella porch on our sycamore it needs to be 3m wide and then it’s fine

  7. Jim McCarte says:

    We have just taken delivery of a Willow and it is fabulous. We wonder if you could advise if a Isabella all in one 420 porch would fit without fouling the windows or the door. Thanks.

  8. Tracey says:

    Just had a look at the new retreats and fallen in love, we had ordered one and carnt wait for it to come

  9. Neil says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t think a Nissan Pathfinder would legally be able to tow it going by the limits given on Bailey’s website. They say:

    “In accordance with Road Traffic Regulations as the body of the retreat is in excess of 7 metres it can only be towed by a vehicle with a gross weight of 3,500kg. Typically therefore this will be a commercial vehicle.”

    I hope this helps.

    Caravan Guard

  10. John Brummell says:

    I would like to know if the retreat can be legally towed by a nissan pathfinder as a tourer.

  11. Michael Thornton says:

    Like the new models, if only they had come out sooner. We brought a Pegasus 554 18 months ago and although it was the Bees knees at the time,
    we would have had one of the newer models.

  12. Suzanne Dawson says:

    A very interesting concept that does has a future with seasonals. We have a Pegasus 462 (2010) and this will be its 3rd year on a seasonal pitch. First two years in the Cotswolds and now re-sited just north of Cambridge. We are in it 3 weekends out of 4 from March to November and we do tow as well a couple of times a year for our holidays, so we get the best of both worlds. It will be interesting to see how much it costs to move the Retreat from site to site. I am guessing one will have to pay per mile. Also it could get costly if your seasonal site make you move off the pitch at the end of the season rather than leave it on the pitch through the winter. I think this will open up demand for 12 month seasonal pitches on sites, which initially may prove hard to locate due to demand. Time for site owners to re-think their pitch usage and marketing maybe. Ahhh if only I had a few acres!! Oh well.


  13. Ann M says:

    Wow, would certainly love one of these

  14. Jennie says:

    Bailey Retreat – Wow……we want one!!!! Looks brilliant. We have now set our tourer on a lovely seasonal site in Suffolk and this would now be ideal. We are spending so much more time at the caravan now, so the extra space would be lovely..

  15. James Rankin says:

    If, as you say in the piece, weight is no longer a problem, then why not make caravan with a couple of slide-outs, which really would make it a place to live for a season or two.

  16. Lyn Hanna says:

    We have a Bailey Barcelona at the moment which is pitched permanently on site in Cornwall

    Looking to change it next year and will seriously consider having one of these

  17. John Forsyth says:

    Having bought a Bailey Olympus 624 last year I wish I had waited, the Willow would have made my perfect tourer. One question is the 23 foot overall length law no longer in force? I know that following pressure from the Germans the government changed the law on width.

  18. John Case says:

    I’d like to know if it can be towed on the road legally, or wether it has to be transported on a specialist lorry?
    The reason for this, is that we are semi-static for the season in Wales, but do like to move my caravan from the rural caravan site, to a coastal site for a week’s seaside break. Would the farmer’s Land-Rover be able to tow it legally?

  19. bill stallard says:

    a step in the right direction for bailey the retreat looks to be a winner and when my motorhoming days are over I will look out for a nice retreat by the sea

  20. Craig says:

    Having visited the Motorhome, Caravan & Camping Show earlier this week there was a definite buzz about this new Bailey model. Will be interesting to hear what our readers think about the Retreat. How many of you have your tourers sited on a seasonal pitch and if you do, does the Bailey Retreat appeal?
    Caravan Guard

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