Elddis Avanté 574 touring caravan review

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  1. shirley wilson says:

    I have a 2013 avante also the radio keeps going off and on. But I have had trouble with the battery also when not on hook up.no good in winter when you need the heating on. Also we are having trouble with the water system when you drain of and then when you need to refill the pump won’t work right. As any one else had this trouble.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Shirley. You may be able to find an answer to your query via Elddis’ online Help and Advice page. See here for details. Many thanks

  2. brian says:

    Bought my Avante574 this September 2014,love the van, hate the TV aerial,can only pick up 5 out of 90 plus freeview stations. Has anyone had this problem if so what is the solution.

  3. Mac says:

    We have a 2014 Avante and have had a lot of problems with the aerial with both Tv and radio reception. We have the van permanently sited and have used this site for many years. With our previous van we had a multi directional aerial and could get about 80 channels with freeview but we have only been able to get 4 channels when we first got the van in late March and since June no channels at all. Also when we have the radio on reception is poor and once we turn on the tap the radio can’t be heard at all. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same. The aerial is just a car type whip aerial.

  4. T,Huseyin says:

    Have purchased our Elldis Avante 574 with 2 single fixed beds in June 2012.From June to November i had to return the van back to the dealer 3 times for several faults to be put right,they had the van for nearly 2 months i wated all the faults to be rectified,but unfortunately some of the faults still not rectified.
    Here are some of the faults with this van.
    Firstly after collection on the way home the brakes started to come on for no reason at all.The Intelligent drive control had developed a fault and had to be relaced.
    The floor was damaged and had to be glued down.
    ‘A’ frame cover was broken and had to be renewed.
    Toilet seat cover damaged.Renewed.
    Front wall unit handle damaged. Renewed.
    Rh wall unit centre door damaged.Renewed.
    Chip on LH wall unit frame.New supplied.
    Rh wall unit centre door damaged.Renewed.
    Lh front lower door latch not doing any thing.wrongly fitted.
    Very bad water leak into gas locker,2 attempts made to put it wright but still leaking.New seal on order.Have to use containers to collect the water.
    Cooker lid & top damaged also cooker will not ignite.?.
    Creaking floor and heater unit.?.
    Centre section of the carpet crambling.New fitted.
    Wall & front chest unit tapes are lifting off.
    ‘A’frame cover rivet has come off again.
    Since purchase we have only used this van for four days.
    It makes me wonder what ells is going to go wrong when i realy start using it?.
    I also would like to add that Eileen Pomeroy is wright,there is no preperation work surface in this van.

  5. Paul says:

    Interesting comment has been made about preparation work surface, I see this as a minor issue, as long as you are tidy and efficient, which Im sure the commentor is, there is really little need for more surface.
    Maybe explore converting the top kitchen draw to a pull out table ?.

  6. Eileen Pomeroy says:

    Whilst the layout of twin beds is nice, it leaves no preparation work surface in the kitchen. We met people who had this layout and regretted it for the reason mentioned. We tour in our van 6 months of the year and as I enjoy preparing meals I would not consider this van.

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