Towing in Europe post Brexit

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  1. Keith Dempsey says:

    Hi is this true I plan to go to Bulgaria in April untill October and was planning to get a D visa you`re sayin I dont need one? From above (As a tourist, you will need a visa for any EU trip which extends beyond 90 days within any 180-day period, with the exception of trips to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania).

  2. RedBull says:

    I’ve heard now that post brexit caravaners towing in certain countries in Europe have had problems with the police as some require that ANY trailer (including a caravan) must be registered and have their own number plate. They do not care about the rules in England, its the local rules that apply!!

  3. Peter Penycate says:

    Could you give me more info on the over 90 days visa for Spain please. Or the link.

  4. Dave Keily says:

    we had to do all this before we joined the EU so it will be no hardship to start doing it again.

  5. Peters says:

    If you travel in the Republic of Ireland and use the M50 eflow toll in Dublin then make sure you have a
    receipt for your journey as eflow in my case tried to fine me for non payment 10 weeks later, it took
    many attempts to convince their collection agents that I had paid .Did they hope that the receipt had
    been lost by then !
    Keep your receipt safe you may need it !,

  6. Roland Badger says:

    I have been a caravan club member for 38 years and have been touring the continent since 1984. This year I took the precaution of the IDP and Green Card”just in case” and my advice is to apply for the Green Cards in plenty of time, my insurers were not up to speed and I ended up with SIX before we got it right.

  7. Andrew says:

    Very helpful. The solution is to stay in the EU with all the benefits and ease of travel.

  8. John Benson says:

    Interesting reading, I did think about this situation as possibly going to Italy next year with my caravan in tow.

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