Do you have a motorhome reversing camera?

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  1. Ian Styles says:

    I have an Autotrail the camera is high up looking down fine for reversing, I also have another camera fitted into the spare wheel cover which stays on whilst driving with the screen fitted over the rear view mirror perfect for keeping an eye on my car on tow and vehicles over taking on dual / motorways also good when going round tight bends and roundabouts where the car may cut in.
    I wouldn’t be without the cameras but I still get the wife to stand at the back when revering into a pitch as on some sites you need to be watching your from corners as well as the back. I also always get out and do my own survey of any hazards on pitches like banks trees, branches etc before making the manoeuvre.
    Thumbs up for cameras but I would fit sensors as well if I could afford them.

  2. JohnSmith says:

    I have 4 rear facing cameras and 2 video screens. One rear facing set for looking behind toad using mirror postion (wife looks there but not std Din screen as easy) 2nd simular view or towball, factory fitted. Others are low down rear and low down on right corner covering a blind spot of overtaking vehicles. Others to be added are right hand mirror blind spot eg turning left joining dual carriageway and a forward facing on left mirror.

  3. rovingrices says:

    I concur with Harry (16 January 2021). Difficult to gauge distance and does not show side views. Bicycle rack obscures view.

  4. Laurence Brown says:

    I bought a reversing camera off an eBay site it was only £30.00 the camera was a wireless radio transmitter unit so no cables to run under the vehicle the screen was a 7 inch wide format with good function control. When I ordered it I really expected to be less than impressed however it was better than I could have imagined. Infra red worked well, picture resolution was really good and really easy to install. It was probably the best product I have ever bought off eBay in terms of value for money

  5. Martin Dixey says:

    I have two cameras on my Swift Major 4EB caravan that I have fitted myself, The first was a small discreet non digital wireless camera that if installed just under the top rail of the pre fitted bike rack mount. I have fitted a wireless monitor that clips to the interior mirror and it works ok. I wanted it as a rear-view camera but it has a very horizontal field of view and is not good enough to see vehicles at any distance. It is much better than just relying on the mandatory wing mirror extensions. I also have a battery powered WiFi camera that I fit to a weatherproof bracket and it is very good. I use my 8 inch tablet on a dashboard mount and I would not be without it. The camera stays on for a good 7 hours and I can see the vehicles behind, see if someone is about to overtake so it takes the stress out of my journey. See my for a full review of my favourite rear-view camera.

  6. Harry says:

    Hi folks,

    We have a, factory fitted, reversing camera on our 2012 AutoTrail.

    The definition is poor – it’s actually better at night – and where it’s mounted it’s difficult to see changes in ground level eg slopes or large rocks and high up objects (overhanging branches and projecting sunshades in Spain)

    It’s better than nothing but still got a way to go yet. Another area where motorhome manufacturers are a good few years behind car manufacturers some of whom have systems offering excellent 360° vision.

    As others have said a second pair of eyes is (usually) IMO the best solution.

  7. Stephen Marris says:

    We have a rear view / reversing camera fitted as standard by Bailey when they built our Autograph 79-4. The screen is on the dashboard to the left of the speed and engine revs dials so it is easily seen by the driver. Its active all the time when driving and the view reverses when the gearstick is put into reverse. Throughly recommend you get one fitted if you don’t have one.

  8. Kes says:

    Factory fitted camera fairly useless in sunlight, rain or at night. We have an omivue system which was necessary because of the bike rack – marvellous. Also use it as a rear view mirror whilst driving. Useful when turning left as shows any cyclists creeping up. No problems at all with fogging and great to reverse in tight spaces as we can see both front corners too.

  9. R Goulden says:

    Bright sunlight or headlights are problematic and I feel the need for reversing sensors if anyone can offer advice. Love the idea of walkie talkie advice from the passenger! I have them for the grandkids but can now see how useful they would be. Is it possible to have height sensors at the front? All advice gratefully received.

  10. gmhtestweb says:

    Reversing cameras work well until you have a bike rack with bikes on the back when they cease to be of full values, especially if you put a cover over the bikes. On our last trip we ditched the bike cover but then the bike chain and gear sprockets start rust when it rains. Manufacturers really need to think about implementing the reversing camera on an extending arm or on the bike rack itself to avoid these issues. Same goes for sensors.
    I also echo the failure of the reversing camera on the Swift Kon-Tiki which is hopeless in direct sunlight and also fogs up in wet conditions.

  11. Neal Farrow says:

    I have a tilting lens reversing camera, the third motorhome to have a camera fitted, and I believe they are a definite boon. The lens tilts downwards electrically when reverse is selected but this angle gives a much shorter, restricted view in the monitor. When I eventually get some time I will cut the wire to the reversing light circuit so that the lens continues to give the “long view” which is much safer.

    I have used the camera when hitching my trailer (or car) for the last 19+ years and find it very helpful. It has definitely saved a number of potential “bumps”.

  12. Trevor says:

    Mine has a reversing camera which is angled up to act as a rear view mirror. I notice some motorhomes have a dual camera set up which seems a better idea than a single one. As noted above its a problem in bright sunlight and rain. Another thing to be aware of is the installer pulled the cables very tight then pumped lots of sealants the hole. Making adjustments of the viewing angle almost impossible.

  13. Tony says:

    I have a rear view / reversing camera and find it invaluable but nevertheless it is inadequate for reversing off the road into my narrow driveway and today I will be seeking a suitable reversing sensor kit – I don’t want the variety with an on-dashboard display, just a buzzer to alert me when I’m too close to the bits the camera can’t see. Like others, I find the camera (a Sony dual-lens) is severely affected by rain or by dazzling lights behind me at night: If anyone knows of a better camera, please post details! It is also inadequate when reversing towards a sloping bank and I have had to repair the skirt corner mouldings on each side of my Swift “Escape”. I should have let my wife guide me!
    If anyone has a solution to my biggest problem, again, please post it! In my small drive I have to park (behind a high hedge) at 45 degrees to the road and so I cannot see pedestrians on the pavement or cars on the road until the front of my ‘van is almost on the road. I have read somewhere of someone with a similar problem installing a rear-view camera, suitably angled) at the very front of the over-cab but the firm that supplied my system advised against it: any thoughts, anyone?

  14. Richard says:

    I have a reversing camera on the motorhome but sensors on the car. I keep finding myself listening for the beep in the motorhome – maybe I need to have sensors fitted to it too! I find it’s not always easy to judge distance with the camera alone so often enlist the passenger’s help as well.

  15. Briann Barrow says:

    I have dual cameras on my Swift Kontiki although useful some of the time a complete waste in bright sunlight

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      It’s a shame they don’t work well in all lights Briann. We’ll feedback your comments to Swift.

  16. John Barton says:

    We also take a pair of walkie-talkies. In difficult situations it’s nothing like having someone on the end of the walkie-talkie to describe what is going on.
    I guess one could also use a couple of Mobile phones

  17. Mike says:

    How do sensors cope with the extra depth of a dual cycle carrier ?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      I would imagine a cycle carrier might interfere with the operation of the sensors. It’s worth speaking to your motorhome manufacturer or an electronics company which specialises in vehicle sensors. Any of our blog readers got any advice for Mike?

  18. George says:

    My wife walks to the back of the camper van and helps when I am reversing in tight areas. Unfortunately my insurance company does not give me any discount for this excellent facility !!!

  19. Mike Chapman says:

    I have both on my motorhome but also I have an integrated rear camera which is handy to see vehicles right up close.Also checks the bikes are still there.

  20. Ben Robinson says:

    I have a dual camera setup allowing for rear view whilst driving and downwards view for parking. I also have reversing sensors with audible beep. I fitted all myself to an older motorhome and must admit i would really struggle without them! I am able to reverse park onto my awkward driveway on my own with ease now. Apart from the head unit stereo (monitor) all other items can be purchased cheaply and fitted by any DIY capable person. An absolute must in my opinion. I still manage to miss judge height now and then and catch a sign or tree branch. Any suggestions to overcome this?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ben, we’re stuck for a suggestion on avoiding signs or branches. There are some 360 degree cameras now and maybe those would help. Wonder if any of our other blog readers might have ideas?

  21. James pennington says:

    Excellent I’ve have a reverse camera and sensors built in bumper

  22. Philip Price says:

    My reversing camera has saved many a potential scrape. Most recently, a pitch was overshadowed by tree branches and although the way was clear to reverse, it was not obvious that the branches were too low for my motorhome. A quick glance at the monitor whilst reversing avoided a disagreement with the tree.

  23. james Wright says:

    I have a reversing camera and sensors on my new Rapido 8090df motorhome

  24. Paul Clarke says:

    A reversing camera is a boon – we have one,but even with one there is no better way of preventing the back end saying “hello” to an obstacle than the passenger getting out and watching also.

  25. David Burdon says:

    Common sense suggests anything to improve all round visibility is a good thing.

  26. mgnbuk says:

    Why no option for those who have both sensors and camera ? – both are standard equipment on a Chausson Welcome 610

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi we’ve added the option to vote for ‘both fitted’ on the poll now. Thanks for letting us know.

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