Your favourite caravan and motorhome apps revealed

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  1. Harold Noble says:

    Camper Contact is only freedom the test restricted version. The full version is about £6.00 annually.

  2. Trevor Dadd says:

    I agree with Deborah Pope. Will not use Apple products as I have found Apple products too restrictive. If it will not work on Android it has targeted consumers.

    • John Kelsall says:

      I disagree. I will not touch an Android with a barge pole. Apart from Android copying iPhone’s iOS in the first place and no one able to make a phone of as high a quality, you don’t get Google spying on you and due to Apple’s safe sandboxed approach there are no viruses you Android lot have to put up with. As for Samsung they just try to copy the iPhone as much as they can anyway. You might as well get an iPhone and enjoy a trouble mobile life. You all sound like the old PC lot that used to say how great Windows was when it was absolutely rubbish and far inferior to the Mac. Oh … I forgot … Windows was a copy of the Mac OS just like Android is now. Where would the world be without Apple.

  3. Deborah Pope says:

    It looks like it is a great app but seems only to be available for an Ipad. And I have an aversion to almost everything apple, as everything they do is proprietary whereas Android in my opinion much better and a more reliable platform

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