Electric bikes for motorhome and caravan holidays

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  1. Trevor Smith says:

    I had a newish hybrid bike so I purchased an ebike conversion kit from cycocity. Fitting it took a little head scratching as instructions were vague. But once up and running its amazing. 20 mile range which is enough for me, and hills/head winds are a doddle. Cost £300 +the old ice.

  2. Jim Hinchliff says:

    my advice would be to check out the cost of electric bikes in french supermarkets, as my wife and myself brought 2 bikes from decathlon in France about 5 years ago, there own brand they are still giving great service they cost £500 each when I compared them to English prices they were a £1000 each then.
    it meant I had a trip to France a holiday 2 x bikes for less than I could buy the bikes in England.
    Why are they so expensive here and not so on the continent.

  3. John Malcolm Wilson says:

    We carry two adapted mountain bikes with 8Fun mid drive motors we paid £500 for each bike on Alibaba about 4 years ago and we use them every time we are abroad – France is geared up with lots of dedicated tracks some 10 miles long. As a transport engineer I looked carefully at the safety aspects of carrying on the back of the van. There is no effect from enertia by fitting them on the back as long as the weight is balanced at the front with a bias to the maximum allowed on the nose. There are no couples induced around the axles or noticable centripetal acceleration added in cornering – the physics calculations back this up. You can figure this out yourself by seeing the high wire artists using a long pole to effect stability on the wire. It’s harder to get the rotation going but remember it is also harder to stop once it starts. This is why I developed “Differential Stability” to prevent lateral instability from starting as opposed to a sensor that needs to detect an oscillation after it starts. I am not surprised that snaking still occurs even with ATC fitted and friction hitches are useless once movement takes place – Laws of friction, and expecting a 50mm ball to work against a 5/6 mtr long lever as with the van, is worthy of a place Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Xina says:

    We bought electric bikes earlier in the year and a bike carrier which sits on the tow ball. We were unable to take our bikes abroad as our van is too old for a carrier. We have just returned from Austria and the caravans there have Alko chassis which provide a bike rack on the A frame. Why no British caravans with this facility??

  5. Mick Haskell says:

    I have a Swift Conqueror 560 caravan that has the mountings for a bike rack on the back. Convention says adding weight to the rear of a van is not good for stability, what is the advice if we opted for two e-bikes? Are they safe mounted on the rear bike racks of caravans?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mike – it probably depends on the weight of the bikes. Swift or your supplying dealers should be able to give you the weight limits. And you might also want to think about security too.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mick, we’ve been in touch with Swift and they advise a maximum rear load of 60kg including the weight of the rack. Therefore for E-bikes they advise removing the batteries.
      Hope this helps?

  6. Alan Whitehouse says:

    My resume above is short of full specs. After reading articles more fully something comes to mind. The assist is variable and may give a higher range than stated in my manual if you set power to lower settings. Have not had chance to put this bike through its paces to see how it actually performs. I reiterate that so far I am very pleased with its performance. My grand children think it’s great.

  7. Alan Whitehouse says:

    I purchased an electric bicycle in a Carrefour supermarket in Benidorm this March. I am extremely pleased with it. It cost 695 euro approx. equivalent to £560. It is a Denver E-BIKE mod. E-7000 of Italian make. Denver have a webpage showing my model it has orange mudguards. It is a rigid frame bicycle about the weight of an adult mountain bike with battery removed, battery can be removed without tools. It has Shimano six speed gearing. Max speed with electric assist 15mph can go faster if you pedal harder or going downhill. Max range fully charged bat. 15miles. Max power out of motor 250W.Hope this will be helpful to other Motor homers.

  8. Rob Lawton says:

    We have two Roodog Bliss folding bikes at 17kgs each. They go on a towbar mounted Thule compact carrier on our Hyundai i800 camper van. At £800 each they are at the cheaper end but very well spec’d up. They are a Uk company from Hornsea.

  9. Graham says:

    In reply to Frank: The new Pedelec legislation (EN15194) is not retrospective. Therefore, if you bought/converted your Bike prior to 01/01/2016, you can continue to enjoy your bike as previously. As an aside: Many manufacturers have unsold stock of Bikes that do not comply with current legislation – caveat emptor!

  10. Graham says:

    The weight of the Winora Radius is actually 16.7Kg, not 19.7Kg as quoted. Using the very well regarded and powerful Yamaha mid-mount motor, it offers a range of up to 105 miles, meaning you won’t always be looking for a hook-up to recharge your bike. Winora are a highly reputable German brand and it comes with a 5 year frame warranty. It’s compact dimensions and the beautiful ride quality make this a popular choice with motorhomers, caravanners and boat owners.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Graham for the weight update on the Radius – I’ve corrected that now.

  11. Brian McMinn says:

    My wife and I already had Dahon folding bikes and had them converted for electric assistance by CH White and Son of Malmesbury.
    http://Www.foldingbike.biz Might be a more economical option worth exploring if you already own bikes

  12. Catherine Tranmer says:

    I should be interested in knowing more about more lightweight bikes especially the Gtech too. It would also be useful to hear more about the bike racks available for e-bikes. Interesting article though!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Catherine. Bike racks is something we’ll try to have a look into for you for a future article.

  13. Mike H says:

    It is essential to try different makes. Weight and balance and motor assistance vary enormously. They can be quite heavy with the battery when stopped or walking with the bike. We went to Juicybikes in Leicester. Keith and Liam very generous with time, advice and trial rides on different makes. We bought two Freego bikes – very pleased with them.

  14. Frank says:

    I have an e bike with a throttle I adapted a mountain bike this was before the new regulations. have I got to throw it away?
    I have asked for guidance from DVLA but no joy.
    It seems that If owners had the bikes before the rule change there are no guidelines.
    If I have to tax and insure the bikes ok but HOW.
    Any help would be welcome

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We’ll see if we can find out for you Frank. Pedelecs UK have a forum which might be of use. See Helen’s comment.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Frank, Helen from pedelecs.co.uk is currently waiting on further clarification from the DfT and hopes to publish some information on this shortly on Pedelecs.

  15. Helen James says:

    Always great to see pedelecs getting a mention. Camping and touring go hand in hand with taking an electric bike with you; they make it easier to pop to the shop for supplies (you can pack in a surprising amount in panniers) or take in the scenery and fresh air around where you’re staying. Folding electric bikes, those that are lighter in weight, eMTBs (even folding mountain bikes), Dutch upright styles – there’s a lot to choose from. I’m emailing from http://www.pedelecs.co.uk which aims to guide people on choosing their first pedelec, as well as UK road usage law and other guides plus a busy forum where people swap notes and experiences. I hope your readers might find the link to it useful..

  16. Carole Cheetham says:

    My husband and I chose Pro Rider bikes and were extremely happy with them, well he was until his was stolen in Oliva, Spain last year. This despite having a really good lock on, they cut a 10mm steel cable and must have carried the bike away as the d lock was missing, still on the bike presumably.
    Cops not too bothered, seemed like a common occurrence. Our insurance at the time wouldn’t cover the bikes abroad…..

  17. Derek Bragg says:

    Why no mention of the “Giant” elec. bikes ?
    Surely they`re one of the best on the market.

  18. Andy Weir says:

    MY problem is I grew up riding a triumph 20 bicycle and loved the upright position where the handle bars were much higher then the seat. I want to be able to cycle and see where I am going without crooking my neck upwards from such a front leaning position. The problem is now as a 6 foot 2 inch bloke I cannot seam to find a bike of that type big enough for me. !!

  19. John hudson says:

    My wife and I really like our freego bikes which come in much cheaper and lighter than a lot in your article. Although there are many agents we bought directly from the importer where we had excellent service and a few trial rides. Take a look at http://freegoelectricbikes.com .
    Incidentally we carry these inside our caravan to site and have a bike rack to fit to the tow ball for bigger exploration once there. We check caravan loading carefully of course, happy e biking!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi John
      Thanks for adding the comment and the recommendation.
      Sounds like you are well kitted out for electric bike rides! The bike rack to fit on the tow ball sounds a great addition. And great to hear you carefully load your caravan.

  20. Chris Brooks says:

    Nice article, but it would have been better if you had direct comparisons for each bike, especially the weight, yes I think a couple were mentioned but not all. This information is vital for motorhomers, knowing how much weight they will have to lift on to the bike rack! Also disappointed that the Gtech was never mentioned, extremely lightweight (16 kilos) and battery good for 30 miles or so. We own 2 of these fantastic machines and would recommend them all day long……….we have no vested interest!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the comment Chris. We’ll see if we can add the weights at least. Thanks

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