Caravan Guard up for Customer Service Provider of the Year at UK Broker Awards 2012

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  1. Magpie says:

    Why can we not fit our own decking ? The want 5 grand…. We are at Romney sands

    • Craig says:

      I’m not sure about that ‘Magpie’. Best speaking to the park.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  2. Jeff says:

    £15 to type one line?

  3. Neil, Caravan Guard says:

    Hi Dave,

    It certainly wasn’t my intention to be condescending so I’m sorry if that’s how the above reply sounded. I was just trying to make clear what the £15 charge was for and why it was applied.

    Also, I do understand that it was most likely our mistake with regards to your email address being incorrect on our system, typing errors will of course happen from time to time. So again apologies for the delay in getting the updated documents through to you.

    best regards

    Caravan Guard

  4. Dave McGrath says:

    Neil I find your reply almost condescending, I had accepted that I would need to pay a administration cost of £15 as somebody needed to type the new Registration Number on a document but more importantly was the cost of printing and posting the document and yet from the start I was asked to agree to a email for me to print out the document. In order to save unnecessary use of paper I accepted this.My email was not blocking your sent emails it was simply a case that somebody from your organisation typed my email address wrong. To assist your staff I sent Caravan Guard a email so they could simply reply, and so the gist of my comments is who was subjected to any costs in time completing this transaction certainly not Caravan Guard who simply sent an email to an address that was not correct and did not care to check if the document had been received.

  5. Neil, Caravan Guard says:

    Hi David,

    you were charged an admin fee for changing your registration number.
    Charging a separate admin fee allows us to keep our annual premiums down by only charging customers who make amends, rather than all customers having an amount built into their premium for admin costs.

    We definitely have the correct email address for you now and apologies your new documents have taken some time to receive. They have been sent to the new email address you provided (please check your spam again and add [email protected] to your contacts to avoid the email being blocked) and also sent out to you by post.

    If you have any more issues you can email our internet team and ask for Lee, who you spoke to previously, talk to us on Live Chat, or give us a call.
    The most important thing is that your details have been changed and your policy is correct and up to date.


    Caravan Guard

  6. Dave McGrath says:

    Had to pay £15 admin charge for a change to my Policy. I was then asked if I would accept receiving my new document via email did wonder why then there was a charge but agreed. Then spent 2 phone calls and emails sorting out 6 days later why I had received no email. The answer Caravan Guard had typed my surname wrong for the address.Should I charge you a admin cost.?

  7. Craig says:

    Hi Jeff,

    we publish all genuine comments and always welcome feedback, it’s what helps us to further improve and offer award winning service!

    Glad to hear you found the right cover and hope you will give us a try again in the future.

    kind regards
    Caravan Guard

  8. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the reply. I would also like to congratulate you on publishing a negative comment from me. So many companies would never have published such a response.
    However, that event I described was just about a year ago. This year’s renewal from the C&CC has come in at only £222, so they have also lowered their premiums this year (same amount covered – new for old). Therefore as I don’t have to fill in any forms, or discuss caravan security, and I wouldn’t have thought that your premiums would have halved, I have just renewed with them.
    But I do seriously thank you for publishing my posting!


  9. Jeff says:

    How did Caravan Guard get its award? I asked for a quotation and was told that in addition to the Al-ko secure wheel lock and the Bulldog hitchlock I would need to fit an extra wheelclamp on the offside before they would quote. Shortly afterwards an agent phoned me from Caravan Guard and tried to tell me that carrying an extra wheelclamp (I have a Nemesis which I only use when it is parked at home because of the size of the clamp) would be a good thing to carry. I told him that it was too big to lug around, and anyway the 2 big clubs had no requirement above what I normally use. He asked me how much the clubs had quoted, so I told him CC £330 and C&CC £280. He then said that even with the extra clamp he was “nowhere near” these prices. So who can afford to insure with them? So what was the award for? And it si even more surprising if I look at my car insurance for £228, the car is on the road for 19,000 miles each year and has a higher value than the caravan which only does 2,000 miles a year.
    I suppose that with such high premiums you can achieve “brilliant customer experiences”. But in my view this also includes affordability.

    • Craig says:

      Hi Jeff

      Sorry but I couldn’t comment on your personal circumstances as I don’t know what caravan you have, where it is stored, what your non claims discount entitlement you have or what other security devices you have fitted. These factors influence your premium and/or what security Caravan Guard need to be fitted to a caravan for insurance cover to be in place.

      For instance, a single axle caravan with an insured value between £16,000 and £19,999 stored on a home driveway with no locked gates or drivepost would require more security than just a wheelclamp and hitchlock to be fitted. The risk of theft of these high value caravans is too high to be fitted with minimal security. I appreciate your reluctance to carry another wheelclamp but in these cases we usually give a customer a choice to fit the extra wheelclamp OR an alarm, tracking device, axle locking device (in addition to wheel clamp) or locking corner steadies be fitted.

      We have recently relaxed out security requirements and reduced our prices for many types of caravans so if you haven’t called us recently it may be worth giving us a call for a new quote.

      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

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