Caravan review: Inside the Coachman VIP 460/2 2013

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  1. Carolyn says:

    When will designers come up with something that is not the same old thing tarted up?

  2. Chris Green says:

    Have had a Coachman VIP since last year and it is a fantastic van and I would not hesitate to buy again. The Trauma heating is exceedingly effecient and quick. For me you can keep the Alde system. It also tows like a dream best van yet

  3. fantastic caravan !! says:

    I don’t know what is meant by no Alde heating, the Truma is amazingly quick to heat the van and without the weight of rads, water, and antifreeze. Well built comfortable and yes expensive, I love mine!

  4. Mr J. Ross says:

    a lovely caravan in every way.

  5. Ken Bradshaw says:

    Does your insurance quote include replacement as new or market value. If not what is the difference and for how many years would replacement as new be offered?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ken, thanks for the question. The quote is based on replacement with new cover (also known as new for old) and we offer that cover for caravans up to 15 years. Obviously with this caravan being brand new, the sum insured and hence premium would be same on market value cover – so typically owners of brand new caravans take replacement with new cover. For further details or a quote you could call 01422 396 769 or visit our page about insurance for touring caravans.

  6. john Shepherd says:

    Hi. Firstly I believe that there is a serious Typo,since when has an MTPLM been less than the MiRO?
    Proof Readers are in need a serious reappraisal.
    The caravan whilst on paper appears to be a rather nice little 2berth,it is in real terms nothing more than a partial revamp/shuffle around of the 1997 Coachman Genius 460/2 SE.
    I had a 1997 460/2 SE in 2000 and it served me very very well as a B&B Self Catering home from home.
    Yes this Little Gem has the advantage of the frontal Sky Light but at the expense of a great-deal of storage for lighter items.
    The inclusion of the moulded shower unit is a big plus point and could well lead to less risk of water ingress from failed internal sealing of joints.
    I personally feel that £20,795.00 plus no doubt the delivery charge is a great deal of money for such a small but no doubt delightful little package.
    There are many equally as attractive 2berth caravans out there without the hefty price tag and the weight penalties associated with the Coachman method of building their products.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for you comments John. Yes there was a typo on the MTPLM (which should have read 1450kg). This is now corrected.

  7. No Alde being says:

    I am amazed that a van at that price does not have Alde Heating. We considered it before buying our current van but that certainly put us off. Also far to heavy for a two berth.
    A rethink on this van is required.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Interesting comments regarding lack of Alde heating. Will forward this onto Coachman.

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