Five things you need to know when caravanning in Europe

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  1. A White says:

    I don’t understand why would you want to drive at the maximum speed abroad while towing a caravan when the recommended speed of 60mph applies in the UK.

  2. J.A.A.D dehaene says:

    many thanks to all of you

  3. Ian says:

    I recommendBonterra Park campsite in Benicassim (about 30 miles north of Valencia). I know it is open all year and has special large pitches for motorhomes towards the rear of the site. The town and surrounding area is very pleasant.
    Good luck on your travels,

  4. Bob says:

    So I going to Italy soon via France,
    My car and caravan combined weight fully laden is way less than 3.5 tons. So am I right in thinking that I can drive at the max speed limit for a normal car in France?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Bob, speed limits for a sub-3,500kg car and caravan outfit in France are 130kph on motorways and 80-90kph on open roads, unless indicated otherwise, of course.

  5. Brian Smith says:

    In Germany there is a speed limit of 80kph when towing a caravan, your statement at the beginning gives the idea that there is no speed limit on autobahns.

    • Liz Harrison says:

      Thanks for pointing this out Brian – you’re quite right. We’ve amended the article now to make it clear.

  6. Pat Brierley says:

    My husband has a blue disabled badge – are the rules the same in France as in England – help please?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      The advice I’ve read on the AA website says that the Blue Badge is accepted in EU countries, but they suggest you visit the disabled motorists abroad website and print off the relevant parking notice for France and then display this notice next to your Blue Badge it should remind police and parking officers about your rights.
      Hope that helps you Pat.

  7. E. A. Stansfield says:

    There seems to be a conflict in the advise re. breathalisers in France.
    The “Five things” article suggests that the requirement has been revoked and yet the link to the AA shows it to be mandatory.
    Clarification please/

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi E A Stansfield,

      Apologies for the confusion. The AA Website currently states that: “Drivers in France are still theoretically required to carry a self-test breathalyser when driving in France but there is no current legislation demanding a fine for non-compliance.”
      I’ve updated the article in-line with this.

      Many thanks


  8. John forster says:

    In Spain you can be fined for driving in unsuitable footwear i.e flip-flops,items loose on the back seat or on the floor,not carrying spare glasses if you need them to drive.there used to be speed limits in Germany when towing is this no longer the case. Jf

  9. Alan Hughes says:

    I have a r v 33ft long are there any sites in Spain I can stay for 3 months ? Or more . Kind regards

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Alan

      Many thanks for getting in touch. There are some Spanish campsites which open all year round, although it’s difficult to say which permit large RVs and which don’t.

      Have you tried searching the ACSI Camping Card website? You can search for sites based on their opening times and you can also select ‘special requirements for motorhomes’ on the advanced search drop down option.

      Click here for details.

      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

      Many thanks


  10. D Roberts says:

    My comments refer to driving in Germany – I drive frequently in Germany (solo and towing) – the amount of Autobahn that has no speed restriction on them is reducing all the time generally they are signed up to 130 KM (approx 80 MPH). One other point I would like to make is that buses at a halt have the right to pull out when they indicate – and they willl pull out in front of traffic, quite unnerving when not use to it.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      So generally speaking…stick to 80mph when on the Autobahn and always allow space for buses to move out. Two really useful tips there, thanks D Roberts!
      Caravan Guard

  11. Robert says:

    Check the details on breathalysers for France. Think you’ll find they were never actually made compulsory.

  12. francis morris says:

    that was very good to read five tips of driving with you caravan in toe in france we plann to go to south of france for a month next year july i think well thanks caravan guard mr morris

  13. Vaughan says:

    Don’t be tempted to park overnight in layby’s or aires on French motorways. Many a wary traveler has woken up with a headache having been gassed by bandits in their caravan/motor-homes and then been robbed of their valuables. Doesn’t happen too often, but why take the chance just to save a few Euro. Could work out very costly in the end.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Vaughan, thanks for your comment, our claims stats and research suggest that the use of gas is extremely rare or unlikely. That said we have had a few claims for theft when caravans and motorhomes have been parked in aires so it is worth being vigilent.

    • Peter Russell says:

      The urban myth surrounding travellers to Europe and parking, to wake up robbed, are rare if ever occurring. Many press stories have been eliminated. Highly qualified medics have responded to other forums used by the motorhome/caravanning community, stating application of such narcotic gases in u8ncontrolled amount will lead to death in many cases. No death investigated so far ! Usual cause of robbery is an alcoholic induced sleep and lack of care in parking location. Been travelling for number of years, heard the secondhand stories and warned others. Don’t believe all you hear on the grapevine.

  14. Vaughan says:

    Two wheels has priority in the Netherlands. If a moped is racing on the pavement against another on the cycle path and you are in a side road. If they shoot off the pavement into the side road and hit you, you are at fault. If the Police are called you will be interviewed and prosecuted in your absence.

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