2015 Sterling Continental 565 caravan review: Putting on the style

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  1. Tom Anderton says:

    Thank you to those who gave constructive feedback and also those who have had issues I would to join the Swift Talk forum which has around 13,000 members. This is an excellent place to provide comments which members of the Swift Technical team can pick up and the ideal place for comments.

  2. Len Byrne says:

    Why do swift group continue to make heavy caravans, whilst cars are beginning to get lighter surely modern materials aught to reduce weight,not increase weight?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Len
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Continental is at the top of the Swift Sterling range with all the bells and whistles so probably why it’s so heavy. There are obviously lighter models in the new 2015 Swift line up. We’ll feature some of these in upcoming blog posts.

  3. Gill Martin says:

    I used to love Sterling caravans – our present one is a Sterling Eccles- BUT I loathe the new colour schemes. The black/white ‘woodwork’ is a real turn off for me. [ We already lived through that phase in the early 70’s]. It looks so cheap and nasty. Our group of caravan freaks call it the ‘ikea’ look. We’re shortly moving to a Bailey which has the warm comfy look we prefer.

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