Special caravan report: Bailey Unicorn Madrid 2015

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  1. Kevin Kay says:

    I’m looking at a 2015 Bailey 3 Madrid but being new to caravanning, I am worried about damp issues caused by the way the seams fix together between the roof and sides. Can anyone tell me if this a common fault on the Bailey range? How do I detect an issue? Help please!

  2. Bernie says:

    Being new to caravanning, we purchase Bailey Madrid. Although quite happy with it, we have found when making a double bed, you need to pull out the slats. However, we have found they tend to give way, and we have both fell through. (We are not over weight) my husband made wooden pieces to reinforce the bed. But being new to having a caravan have we missed something else we should be doing

  3. jim roy says:

    beautiful looking van ,but I will ask if any one else notices that all weight is on one side when towing ,toilet,cupboards,large fridge ,microwave, and gas box, and cooker only seats other side

  4. KeefB says:

    looking for a new van, tow car is being downsized as it is a company lease vehicle, but I love my 2011 Barcelona.
    weighed up the pros and cons and with the kids now grown up we are looking at the Madrid, just right for myself and the better half. may miss the fixed bed but not opposed to making it up at night. great review CG always good to read others thoughts

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Keith – I’m sure someone will have some advice on this. Good luck with the search
      Caravan Guard

  5. Barry C says:

    Just bought one ideal layout for my wife and me great finish and safety
    great price cannot wait to take delivery

  6. E McNeill says:

    I would not be happy using the kitchen flip-up worksurface as when it is in use it is in conflict with the arm of the adjacent seating area. Without it the worksurface provision is indequate.

  7. John O'Brien says:

    I’m in the market for a new Caravan to replace my Senator Wyoming but struggle to find a better alternative with the layout we have for long European touring. There are just the two of us but a fixed bed is a must for us.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi John,
      Good luck with the search for the new caravan.
      Have you taken a look at the new Sterling Continental or Swift Elegance? The 570 model in these two seems to have the same layout as the Bailey. Also Lunar Delta RS, Coachman Laser 640, or Compass Rallye 634 maybe?

  8. John Spencer says:

    could the space used for the shower be better used as I don’t think that many people use the shower

    • Trevor Cook says:

      Well John It’s obvious you do not use a cl sites with no shower rooms. We use us our shower all the time and know many many more caravanners like us. would hate to go back to the days before showers where fitted.

  9. RickyM says:

    Looks good – light and airy and I like the pull out extra work surface. Fridge looks a bit big considering on 3 berth. Worst bit – no curtain round the 3rd dinette bed. When will Bailey finally realise that kids need it a bit dark to go to sleep ? Not good…….

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