Celtic Rambler fifth wheel caravan review: pleading the fifth wheel amendment

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  1. AnnieR says:

    Wow, the Celtic Rambler looks amazing, we defo need to visit fifth wheel to find out more, I have lots of questions! LOL I could live very comfortably in this gorgeous roaming home…

  2. Charles Cooper says:

    I have just seen some Fifth Wheels today at the midwest summer show and, although at first I was bested with these CR, just up the road I have looked at the eurocruiser range and i have ended up purchasing a 785 Lite, i think it’s called. I have to thank the gentleman at the 5th wheel co stand for referring us to the eurocruiser chaps. He’s made us aware that not many companies nowadays have type certification and sell you something that should not legally be on the road. Can’t fault the staff at any of these companies’ stands. will update you as soon as my unit is ready and let you know what i think of it.

  3. Ivan says:

    Well, just been to the Harrogate show and checked-out the Celtic Rambler, Wow what a fantastic unit, looked at motor homes caravans ect but these tick so many box`s. Heard comments about the pick-up side of the out-fit not being ideal or comfortable for every-day use, again prayers answered in the Merc X-Class coming shortly – and what a perfect combination this will be, especially for a tradesman like me who can find a use for the tow vehicle when not traveling. Visiting the Welsh manufacturer shortly and hopefully placing an order, will be back for some insurance if all goes to plan, will keep in touch.

  4. steveF says:

    TYPO – gales, not gails! Need my reading specs.

  5. steveF says:

    And I forgot add, we spent 3 months on the North coast of Scotland in 2014, went up mountains and hairpins, single track roads etc, and then drove down to Costa del Sol for winter sun, staying entirely for free in Aires on the way, averaged 22.5 mpg, without breaking a sweat, despite being in gails, hailed on, then 45C temps at times, no problems at all. It just works.

  6. steveF says:

    I have a Celtic Rambler. It’s brilliant. We wanted a big Motorhome but quickly realized how impractical it would be unless you towed a small car or hired one at your destination. I need a decent payload (1.1 tons). Never towed anything before, but it’s no problem. Living with a V6 Navara pickup is great too, compared with my worthy but boring Octavia. The worst thing I have found about 5th wheelers, or more accurately, in the entire world of Caravans and Motorhomes, are endless statements along the lines of “I think; I would guess; I have heard; This [non-issue] is a problem; Be scared of everything; etc” and VERY few actual facts which made it hard for me to decide. I just went to to the shows, did my research (on actual hard facts), visited the factory in Rhuallt, and then put my money down. If you stick in the UK and just tour at weekends or for 2 weeks a year, or like spending time in clammy, beige, 1970’s stuff, buy any cheap caravan or small motorhome.If you want to be fully cross-continent, live in a luxury ‘mobile apartment’ (yes – we have a built-in washing machine and everything we pretty much had in our house, etc), customized to what you need or like, for BIG chunks of the year, then go and look at a Celtic Rambler.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Steve. It’s great to hear such a glowing review from a 5th wheel owner.

  7. Andrew Smith says:

    I believe the speed limit for pick up trucks is the same as for LGVs and similar vehicles ie. 50mph……. I know they go down the motorways at much higher speeds breaking the law. And for this reason, I would not swap my rig for a fifth wheel as I prefer to be legally allowed to travel at 60mph. Also, when buying a fifth wheel are new owners made aware of the speed limits for pick up trucks?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew
      Fifth wheel company confirm that the speed limit for towing the Celtic Rambler is 60 mph as its only classed as towing a trailer.

  8. ronald sabiston says:

    what type of driving licence do you need to drive a 5 wheeler

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ronald
      I got a response from the Fifth Wheel Co, manufacturers of the Celtic Rambler for you:

      “A B+E Licence enables you to drive a category B vehicle with a trailer when they have a combined weight over 3,500kg.
      It does not become articulated due to the fact that 20% of the trailer weight isn’t born by the Hitch. For example 20% of 4,300 = 860kg and the hitch on the Celtic rambler only pulls 800kg.
      It must be said it all depends on the type of vehicle and the vehicles we recommend are:
      • Nissan Navara
      • Toyota Hilux
      • VW Amrok
      • Ford Ranger
      I hope this helps.
      Best regards
      Chris Bunnell, Fifth Wheel Co”

  9. Paul Gregory says:

    Really like the spacious design of these caravans and the possibility of living in a degree of luxury while out and about the country side. As already mentioned, the down side is the cost and the room to store it and the tow vehicle when not in use.

  10. Lynne Dickens says:

    I have actually been inside one of these as a guest they are brilliant. If I could afford one I would. So I will stick with my caravan until I win the lottery!

  11. Garry H says:

    I would love to have a Rambler , they look very good , but the reality is that they are very expensive most caravans cost about half the amount , also you then have to own a pickup most of us need a vehicle to be an all rounder for use as family car and everything else i had a Nissan Narvara for for years and allthough it was a very good tow vehicle it was not as comfortable for your passegers ,

  12. Mick C says:

    Hi. Yes like other people would love to own one but firstly cannot afford to change in my tourer secondly some of the site,s are down narrow twisty lanes especialy in devon and cornwall.

  13. Eileen Howard says:

    I first saw the 5th Wheeler at the NEC show in Birmingham in 2007 & raved about it to my husband & friends.Since then some friends of ours have bought one from Denbighshire as we all live close by.My husband doesn’t want me to see theirs to make sure I don’t experience envy after selling the idea & company to them.It is still my dream so I am not giving up.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Eileen, hope your dream comes true one day. And if you do end up owning one, you know where to come to for insurance!

  14. Don Cushing says:

    Have been looking for a while maybe next year just need to find place to store have Ranger already and tow a bailey 4 berth caravan now so would be easier to tow also more room inside.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Don
      Yes I can imagine a 5th wheeler will present more of a storage problem than your average tourer. Don’t forget we can offer insurance on 5th wheelers so when you buy one give us a call.

  15. Rodney says:

    Have looked at fifth wheel vans and he concept appeal everyone likes the way they handle. Motorhome and car in tow or truck and 5w. Costs are surprisingly similar, it all depends on use and for me at the moment running a truck while still working it is not viable. Perhaps when retired. Will look again then,for now caravan and car, i can justify the lack of use when the van is left sitting for months unused.

  16. Dominic says:

    Do I like it? Yes, very much so.
    Would I buy one? No, for 2 reasons. 1, it’s much more than I would spend on a caravan, and 2, I couldn’t live with driving a pickup as my everyday transport.
    Saw it at the NEC and it is very nice but probably not for me.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Yes the initial cost is far more than a traditional caravan and seems to be the main reason why potential owners are put off. Good point also about the need to own a pick up truck – they’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea to use as an everyday vehicle.

  17. Dave P says:

    I have always liked them. First saw them in the US. Then a local company started importing US models. After discovering The Fifth Wheel Company, I would like one. The only problem is I am not putting the right numbers down on the Lotto!

  18. Dawn Morris - Statham says:

    We have a Celtic Rambler and love it. It is one of the older versions but still in excellent condition which proves they are built to last. We lived in ours for 12 months even over winter and it was so comfortable and warm. It is definitely our penthouse on wheels. Wish I could afford to upgrade to the new version…

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Dawn, Nice to hear from a current owner of a Rambler. Thanks for the comment. Great to know the build quality is of a high standard.

  19. Fifth Wheel Owners Club says:

    To find out more about these fabulous mobile homes why not visit http://www.fiftwheelownersclub.com

    See you there.

  20. Mike pocknell says:

    To me it’s the best of both worlds.I have motor and caravaned for twenty odd years.caravan currently,cannot afford to change to a fifth wheel now though,mores the pity.

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