Chausson Flash 610: mind the quantity, feel the length

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  1. David says:

    What size are the Chausson 610 Welcome alloy wheels

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi David
      We believe they are 16 inch.
      The tyre size quoted on one blog was 215/65 R16C.
      Hope that helps.

  2. Alistair Simpson says:

    I’ve had a 610 Welcome since April. While it’s a bit utilitarian inside, it’s my first motorhome so I’ve nothing to compare it with, & as I have a hairy dog I wouldn’t have wanted anything posher. There have been a few minor issues, such as an LED panel failing, which have been fixed under warranty by the dealers (Knowepark Caravans Livingston) without any problems at all, and the interior lighting could be better. The Ford (155hp) drives very well, although the wind noise from the overcab moulding can sometimes get quite loud. I can understand comments about sacrificing lounge space for a bigger kitchen, but the lounge has to be that size to accommodate the bed, and I’ve never felt desperately cramped while cooking. The storage is amazing, as is the roomy loo. My biggest gripe is the waste water: the van has to be driven over a drainage grating, and not every campsite has such a facility. Otherwise, I’m thrilled with it.

  3. Steve Fulton says:

    It would have been useful to include a picture of the (open) garage in the article, or at least how big it is.

  4. Toni wood says:

    I have had nothing but disappointment with my Flash 10. It spent last winter at Lowdhams to have the toilet door sorted ( would not meet the wall) they were unable to fix. Washroom a wash out! It also had a long list of problems including having to have waterpump replaced. Chausson never NEVER AGAIN.

  5. robert muir says:

    Poor build quality, rattling habitation, don’t age well, warranty and after service poor, popular hire vehicles due to cheapness, finance deals and throw away after 3 years attitude. My Chausson experience has been stressful and will avoid in future, my advice buy good make second hand.

  6. p garrod says:

    I have 610 new but unable to get guarantee faults sorted

  7. Ian says:

    Have a Flash 28 on a Transit and really pleased with the build quality and reliability

  8. Dave Gough says:

    Can’t see the point of seating for 7 sacrificing useful kitchen space. Mostly campers are for two to four people surely and socialising with seven people in such a small space seems ridiculous let alone unlikely.

  9. Bob Horn says:

    Very good summing up, however where do you store the bedding?.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Bob,

      In response to your query, bedding can indeed be stored on the bed in its up position.


  10. John Maher says:

    Someone need to think about pop-up roofs (VW did Decades ago). Affords head room, storage when at campsite and potential sleeping quarters. Finally what about a slide-out. The Americans have been doing it for decades as well. We are European our’s will be lighter, better quality and we could expand the luxury market.

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