Common motorhome insurance claims revealed

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  1. Billy Brett says:

    Will be having a look at your Motorhome insurance when mine is up for renewal in June.

  2. Robert John Montague says:

    R. John Montague.
    A very good article of raising ones awareness to parking and hight restrictions.

  3. Robert John Montague says:

    R. John Montague.

    A very good article of raising ones awareness to how easy it is to miss judge when parking or hight restrictions

  4. Richard Reade says:

    Always excellent articles, very informative.
    There can only be one choice for motorhome insurance!!

  5. Paul Bowden says:

    Very interesting and pleasing that you show so much expertise in getting it right and sharing the information .over the years we have been insured with caravanguard and found you to be outstanding .

  6. Mr White says:

    Great information and a reminder to the driver’s to be aware of accidents that can happen if the driver’s are to complacent
    Thank you.


    great info.


    great run down on claims,we have just changed to cravan guard ins and are well pleased robin bell.

  9. John Danby says:

    Very informative,

  10. Stephen Putnam says:

    Very comprehensive

  11. Pat says:

    Excellent, it shows that care must be taken when driving these large vehicles.

  12. John says:

    Clear, precise & informative.

  13. Thomas Elliott says:

    very informative

  14. Chris says:

    Excellent reminder and really helpful – thank you!

  15. Eileen says:

    Interesting and informative

  16. Grampz says:

    Very interesting, shows there are still idiots on the roads.

  17. T HUCKLESBY says:

    Really interesting and can identify with the problems of accidents whilst owning a motorhome.

  18. Susan Hird says:

    Letting us know what the current claims are for. Helpful, Informative and a reminder of the advice available.
    If needed to make contact and discuss to help alleviate a concern, worry or situation.
    Many thanks to all the team.

  19. Peter Dickinson says:

    Very informative thank you

  20. Robert Frith says:

    It’s good to hear that you sorted so many motor homes out that’s why I brought your product thank you

  21. Stephen Knapp says:

    Very informative to know what the most prevalent damage incidents are. This goes a long way in assisting owners with accident & loss prevention emphasis.

  22. Sly says:

    A good article. Have you considered printing Caravan Guard stickers with claim telephone numbers and motor home details, as shown in the article

  23. Martyn Gillibrand says:

    Excellent, very informative and hopefully your Policyholders will act proactively in future, slow down and think. Fingers crossed

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