Top five caravan insurance claims revealed

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  1. David Vernon Edwards says:

    Very Interesting, makes you think, Thanks

  2. Gary Chapman says:

    It all makes very interesting reading, I wonder how many drivers realise a bird strike has caused damage to their van whilst driving.

  3. Wendy Wood says:

    Very good article and informative. We had a very close encounter with a logging lorry in Scotland last year, he decided he had priority over a bridge when we were 95% over it and scratched the offside window in the caravan, I managed to polish most of the scratch out and isn’t too noticable as it is on the top of the window so didn’t bother to claim.

  4. Ms Janet Duncan says:

    Is all good stuff, but why oh why pay out when some numpty drives through floodwater, or hits an over head barrier, these people should know the water is too deep or at the very least the height of their caravan. This is the equivalent to banks paying out to idiots who fall for the I love you scams. The rest of us who take care, know the height and width of caravan suffer higher premiums for the numptys out there

    • Unfortunately accidents can and do happen for a variety of reasons, such as a lapse of concentration or due to unfamiliar surroundings or road conditions. A comprehensive caravan insurance policy like ours provides cover for accidental damage and when providing an insurance quote for our customers we assess the risk and will look at things like claims history and provide discounts for safety and security devices.

  5. Roger Dedman says:

    Very informative

  6. Malcolm Jeffries says:

    Very very interesting- and makes good reading which should be studdied by all caravaners.

  7. Brian William Logan says:

    All good advice.

  8. David G. says:

    Enlightening and very helpful. Thanks.

  9. Davie says:

    They say all accidents are preventable and they are, but accidents will happen it’s not always your fault careless driving by other road users is always a danger . I’ve been fortunate and never been in any accidents with my caravan I hope this reflects on my insurance when it’s up for renewal some sort of reward for claim free caravaners from caravan guard would do . Loyal customer

  10. Gerald Ingham says:

    Excellent, makes you think!

  11. Andy Tran says:

    That was really interesting thanks!

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