Latest poll results reveal how much you’d spend on a new caravan

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  1. J Taylor says:

    On the basis that a modern £20,000 car is a well made marvel of modern and technological advancement a caravan should cost no more than £11,000 and for proof of this look under the cheap fittings and furniture and see how the manufacturers use every trick in the book to save every penny they can. We are being ripped off.

  2. Jane says:

    Looking between different makes, it’s frustrating that there’s so little difference in what’s offered internally. For instance, I like a really good fixed bed but don’t want huge seating areas, and I prefer minimal space taken up by the kitchen (holidays are for eating out, for some people!). All the electrical ‘extras’ shouldn’t be standard – as another commenter says, when you’re not hooked up, they are wasted. And I don’t want things like integral heating (what’s wrong with a fan-heater on the rare occasions I need it?

    I think all vans should be available in basic version and you should pay to customize according to your lifestyle, by choosing from, say 3-5 versions, like you do with your car. Yes, you’d need to plan ahead and wait for your new van, but with a purchase of this value you plan ahead anyway.

  3. Frank Fowler says:

    Whatever the price, in this day and age there is no excuse for poor manufacturing quality. In my experience and reading comments from the poll this is a common issue with certain UK manufacturers. The problem is compounded by some dealerships who appear to operate like a cottage industry rather than a professional organisation when it comes to action on warranty claims.
    Personally I think that UK manufacturers are very lucky that they have not had to resist a determined ‘foreign invasion’ in the same way as car industry. If they had perhaps their fate would be the same as many UK owned car producers.
    Should we have to vote with our feet? – certainly my next ‘van won’t be from a UK manufacturer.

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