2014 Coachman Pastiche 565/4 caravan review: In safe hands

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  1. Liz @ Gloucester says:

    Too ‘fussy’ for me. I like my caravans a bit more basic and I really can’t see why you would want to add the weight of a microwave. What’s happened to basic caravanning? My husband has only just managed to make me get rid of our 30yr old Elddis Mistral (had everything one could want – hot water shower, loo, basin, hob, heating, fridge) and everything was in perfect condition still and all worked. We bought a sixteen year old immaculate Avondale Avocet – and it’s lovely. Noticed a lot of these Pastiches on the site and on the motorway at the weekend. That an Unicorn – they must be good as they are very common, but as I said, not for me.

  2. Jane Ewen says:

    Don’t agree with the first. Agree with the rest. It’s an old peoples van. It isn’t nice to look at,inside or out,decor disgusting,not modern,lacks a lot that other vans already have. Not enough locker space (for 4ppl). The duel hobs about the only modern/stylish thing. Sum up-awfull.

  3. caroletattum says:

    we own a coachman amara bit i love this new van really like the twin beds ,but it needs either a pull work space from under the top fridge as the eldis do ,ore lift up from the side of the by the fridge, obvious a man has not tried to dish up on the very small space provided.

  4. Ian Gardner says:

    I love the coachman range,i have a pastiche 530/4 2003 and it is still as good now as it was then,i try my hardest to look after it,but im afraid i could never afford a new one,i love my caravan and go in it as often as i can afford.its great!

  5. Peter Harrison says:

    Would be perfect for two people using the single beds if only they were longer. Would also look better in a lighter shade of wood

  6. Rita Dennison says:

    Apart from the non-opening sun roof it seems just like my 2013 Elddis Shamal but does not have the superb BPW chassis and Winterhoff hitch or Alde wet heating (and privacy glass) Both about the same price.

  7. julie hadley says:

    needs more space where television sits and more kitchen preparing space . also needs to be a little more pretty drab seating

  8. Rob Watkin says:

    Wouldn’t buy because it has a silly name – pastiche means “an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period. “the operetta is a pastiche of 18th century style”
    On a caravan !

  9. Eileen Twist says:

    I love the pastiche 4 birth and I just know my son and family will love it.
    The use of limited space is amazing and the construction well thought out
    With no corners cut on furnishings I think this will he a must and a best seller

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