2014 Swift Sterling Eccles SE Topaz caravan review

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  1. David G Jones says:

    Yes the plan looks ok but why is it nearly all caravans give so much space for the wash room/toilet/shower/ area? – In my opinion the toilet needs to be beside the sink not the wardrobe & the wardrobe needs to be where the toilet is/ perhaps it is to do with insulation? — We have a 2007 Lunar 524 & it gives us plenty of room in the toilet area- to me anything more is a waste of space.

  2. Alison says:

    It’s awful, it looks cheap and will date very quickly. It’s very clinical looking and will be a nightmare to keep clean. The bathroom sink is unusable, its far too small. Not for me. Would love to upgrade our current van, but want one with a gas heater as we do a lot of rallying. New vans don’t have them, why?

  3. Gill Martin says:

    hate the décor! I don’t think it looks trendy at all – it looks cheap [ think IKEA!] The colour scheme also is uninspiring. I still haven’t found anything as nice as our 2006 Sterling Eccles Onyx – and I’d love to upgrade to a new van.

  4. leslie pettet says:

    Very nice, but a bit to expensive for a two berth caravan.

  5. Eileen Twist says:

    This caravan is a must for people like myself who want a Two berth caravan that is roomy with all the refinements of a larger caravan
    Its light and airy feel appeals to me.and the construction is well thought out I also love the upholstery practicvle yet attractive and modern
    This caravan is definitely on my wish list.

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