Covering those caravan motor mover mishaps…

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  1. Eric the brave says:

    Could not do without the mover . Have replaced 4 sets of rear lenses due to trying to reverse up my drive and suddenly the wall jumps out behind me . Very good article thank you Caravanguard .

  2. John hudson says:

    Apart from the obvious of positioning the caravan on a pitch the mover is really good at getting the hitch right over the towball for hitching up.

  3. Hugh Edwards says:

    Good article, one further point I would add from my own experience is to replace the battery in the remote at regular intervals (I now change mine on the anniversary of the caravan).



  4. Rex Beech says:

    Harold, you are very cynical. I have always found my insurer helpful and reasonable. Most caravaners are adept enough in manoeuvring their “rigs”, it is when they are uncoupled that a mover is quite useful!


    just the type of comment to give insurance companies excuse to hike premiums well done, if you can`t drive without using a mover what you doing driving a rig in the first place

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Surely if a motor mover can help a caravanner to pitch up or park in a tight spot and reduce the chance of a bump or scrape it’s a good thing!

  6. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    My van is almost 8 metres and twin axle , a motor mover is a boon manoeuvring into a tight space.
    Very sensible article too.

  7. Rex Beech says:

    I agree with Carol Morris’s comment. I live on a very busy road, congested by parked vehicles and could not manage to manoeuvre my van without the motor mover. Last weekend, returning from a trip, a bus kindly waited while I got the van on the drive. The bus driver pulled forward, opened his window and asked “Is that remote control, mate?”. I showed him the remote – he had never seen one before. Very courteous and obviously impressed by the technology.

  8. CAROL MORRIS says:

    For we senior citizens the motor mover is a must as we live on top of a hill and have a sloping drive.
    There is always two of us, for the reasons you have mentioned and you just have to think and take things slowly and let common sense prevail.
    I think all caravans should be fitted with a mover as in my opinion most people struggle when reversing and this is the time when accidents and damage is caused due to bad tempers and inexperience!!

  9. glyn cooper says:

    all that you state is true and I agree with wholly

  10. Broomewanderer says:


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