Do you use a dash cam when driving your motorhome?

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  1. Peter Boylan says:

    Installed one for piece of mind in assisting with any insurance claim, especially when touring on the Continent. One special moment was when it captured a deer trotting across a field in Southern France which then sprinted across the road in front of us . Fortunately I had seen it coming but nice to view again when I wasn’t braking !

  2. Peter Hollis says:

    I found a dashcam was more trouble than it was worth. Despite scrupulously cleaning the windscreen before installing it, the suction cup would not hold it and after a few miles it would just drop off. Alternative ideas for fixing will be gratefully received!

  3. JR says:

    Use a dash-cam for peace of mind because there are a lot of scammers who are causing accidents,crash for cash.

  4. Andy Lowe says:

    My Sat Nav has a dash camera that can be set to start automatically, which is a useful feature.

  5. Thomas Williams says:

    Forward cameras have an obvious use, but if you can purchase on which also has a rear view camera it helps if you are shunted from behind – which is not so unusual.

  6. Geoff Gambrill says:

    Wouldn’t be without one as the standard of driving in the UK is getting worse especially during lockdown.

  7. Steve Barthorpe says:

    I fitted one for two reasons.
    1. like most users as an aid to record incidents on the road, whilst driving.
    2. As an HD camera to record my journeys. You can’t see everything whilst driving, If I think I have missed something or just want to review my trip, I download the footage to my computer & watch/save the footage. Anything I want to keep or show other people I edit & burn onto DVD. It can also be used to resolve any dispute with your co-pilot, providing the offending footage doesn’t get erased first.

  8. Ron Rayner says:

    A valuable device to help insurers and sometimes the police to see the facts of an incident rather than the often disputed statements given, particularly when there are no independent witnesses around. Wouldn’t be without one…

  9. kev bridges says:

    Used dashcams since they have been on the market in my car and camper, I have used footage four times over the years and allways win the case.

  10. robert parker says:

    i have one as i was once hit by a white van that failed to stop.cost me a lot of money

  11. Simon Perry says:

    I have a dash cam installed in my motorhome but to say ‘use it’ is probably not the reason it is there. I bought a model that had polarised lens and connects to Alexa (it doesn’t!), and all the bells and whistles these things can pack into a relatively small unit. When it was installed, the technician was explaining how it operates, while I was thinking, I can’t see the screen very well and proceeded to turn it to face me and instantly realised it is supposed to look at the road ahead!! It is there to record any untoward incidents, so unless you had a near escape with a wild animal running across your bow that you would like to witness again, recording your journey depends on its length and the capacity of the memory card inside the unit, as it overrides each section in rotation. It is an insurance aid, and as such should attract a discount on your premiums. I bought it at a time when it was reduced in price and I used my company discount and cashback to get it as cheaply as I could. It has one fabulous benefit for me in that there is no digital speedometer in my motorhome, and after about the first half mile of any journey the screen changes from showing the journey into a digital speedo. Well worth the £117.42p I shelled out.

  12. Allan Humphreys says:

    My dash cam is fitted into my car which I use to tow my caravan and is always on

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