Gear guide: Dash cams for motorhoming and caravanning

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  1. Lyndon Shaw says:

    With regards to the Nextbase 622W and indeed fitment to a motorhome in general. If you are looking for both a front and rear coupled dashcam system it seems the supplied cable lengths for the Nextbase @6m are not long enough, From what I have read on the internet extending the cable can lead to technical difficulties in image quality. The Garmin 67W however seems to not require a cable between the two as they are synchronised via the Garmin app. I’m not affiliated to either but am looking to get a system that can cover both front and rear view for a 6.3m van and thought I would offer this advice and seek out comments from anyone who has existing front and rear coverage on their MH.

  2. Donald Oxley says:

    I use a Nextbase for the motorhome and another for the car and find them really good for picture quality. So far I have not had any accidents but it’s always nice to know there is something to show if necessary. However, it should be noted that certain countries on the continent (such as Belgium) do not allow the use of a dash-cam because it infringes people’s privacy. At least the Nextbase is easily removable from the mount with its magnetic coupling, and can be stored in the glove-box at these times.

  3. David says:

    The Aguri GPS devices are dedicated to Motorhome/Truck vehicles and have a built in camera. We have used one in our Chausson 640 for the past 3 years. Can key in Motorhome specification to optimise the route. It can also act as a computer Tablet when paired with a MiFi. Check out We’re not affiliated to Aguri, just a satisfied customer.

  4. Norman Chandler says:

    My personal preference is for the Nextbase. I have two, one for the car and one for the Motorhome. They have a good backup. I found that the rubber suck did not work well on my windscreen so they sent an adhesive base which I placed on the dash,free of charge. I also found this very easy to set up the wifi.

  5. Patricia Worth says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, can I still use a dash cam?

  6. David Groom says:

    Very interesting article. Thanks for the info.

  7. John Sharp says:


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