Poll: Do you use solar power on your motorhome?

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  1. Alan Gardner says:

    I had a 150W solar panel and an extra leisure battery fitted to my motorhome. The battery stays charged all the time especially over the winter. Well worth the initial expenditure.

  2. Ed Hall says:

    As others have said – great and makes you self sufficient. One drawback compared to previous years – the 2 main clubs add in the charge for electric in the pitch price so you cannot get a pitch with electric at one price and a pitch for less without electric. So we use main sites less and less and eventually will probably cancel our membership of those clubs and just use smaller sites ( and camp abroad in the maim)

  3. m lawrence says:

    We have a 150w solar panel on our vehicle, never had a problem with the leisure battery being less than 100%. We do not bother connecting to the mains at home even when we are initially charging the fridge. A worthwhile investment.

  4. Barry Tramaseur says:

    Have had a 120w panel for 11years and never had to charge twin leisure batteries nor vehicle battery . Best investment for off hook up

  5. Andrew says:

    We use a solar panel on our caravan. we tend to stay in fields and on sites that probably only have a water tap and a drain for the disposal of unwanted waste matter. The battery is kept topped up and its also nice to be able to not worry if the battery is going to be run down over what can sometimes be a three/four week stay. To date we have not had any problems and its put to good use for charging phones, tablets, TV and even a laptop and also running the caravan pump, lights, etc. Gas is used for the fridge and cooking. I would always recommend having a solar panel fitted.

  6. Paul Fletton says:


  7. Nicholas Evans says:

    Love the flexibility of our solar panel to provide energy mainly because the motorhome has to be kept in storage. So without the panel the battery would suffer as we found out in the past.
    It’s great to see this idea becoming more widespread and in the long run will avoid a lot of holiday disappointments!

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