Would you ever consider a Fifth Wheel caravan?

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  1. Makson says:

    Great photos of the best layouts for Wildwood Travel Trailers. These trailers are luxury and comfort at it’s best that you’ll think you never left home.I have been on a lot of siteion where manoeuvering on a pitch would be difficult using the towing vehicle because of the narrow roadways not permitting ‘swinging’ room

  2. Roland Adcock says:

    i had one for a short period but someone wanted it more because they stole it, from secure storage and the police were not interested in looking for it, they said it was either in Spain or Ireland

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      What as shame Roland! Was it covered under your insurance?


      Caravan Guard

  3. John MacBride says:

    While they may be great in theory – and even in practice – nobody has pointed out that they require a special tow vehicle. You cannot tow them with a car or SUV, thus adding somewhat to the expense!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      That’s right John and the extra cost will most likely factor in peoples’ decisions.


      Caravan Guard

  4. john mac says:

    I own a 5th wheel brought from calder in Scotland travelled all over the uk and Europe in the last 4years never had any problems. I would highly recommend people try them

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks John – it looks as though most people are pro fifth wheels!

      Caravan Guard


    having been a truck/lorry driver for past 44yr, I am very much a fan of the 5th wheel coupling, it is the more stable of the two (tow ball versus fifth wheel) affordability tow ball wins. only way to bring fifth wheel into its own? MAKE FIFTH WHEEL COUPLING COMPULSORY,BAN THE TOW BALL

  6. Paul Coucill says:

    Fifth wheel caravans,yes I would consider buying one.But as a HGV Class 1 driver,I think it would be fair to everyone,if everyone who used a vehicle with a fifth wheel had to take a Class 1 driving test and aquire the appropriate license.Although a caravan is for recreational purposes,I personally do not feel that there is any difference between one type of fifth wheeled vehicle and another whether for hire or reward or pleasure.

  7. Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone! Looks like most of you are in favour of Fifth Wheels which is great to hear. Although manoeuvring a fifth wheeler could take some getting used to, once your pitched up and in, they can be a great home from home.

    Caravan Guard

  8. Dave & Jane says:

    I wud love one, we looked at them and loved the space and the intera, love to own one 😉

  9. Steven Robb says:

    As a long term seasoned Motorhomer,I would look at a 5th wheeler if the circumstances changed. Ther space gained and the overall feeling is not as a caravan but a static on wheels.This is what we have with our 28″ motorhome now.Who Knows what the future brings.

  10. Victor Cox says:

    We have a Burstner i821 Elegents and are still considering !!

    Vic & Hils

  11. Keith jones says:

    I love the fifth wheelers ,but only the ones that are made in Wales ,I have road tested them and find very easy to drive ,if you intend to go away for Months at a time there is nothing to compare I intend to buy one when my motor home is sold.

  12. Mark Taylor says:

    Having had some experience of fith wheel I would say the are best suited to long stays on site. They are a problem to pitch on tight pitches. If you are thinking of buying one, go american for value for money, the UK ones are overpriced, have reliability issues and are very difficult to re-sell.

  13. Derek Robinson says:

    Looked at these when visiting a show and liked the space and quality and feel they would be more stable when towing.

  14. John O'Shaughnessy says:

    I have been on a lot of siteion where manoeuvering on a pitch would be difficult using the towing vehicle because of the narrow roadways not permitting ‘swinging’ room. This is usually overcome with a conventional caravan by using a mover – I don’t think you can move a 5th wheeler once unhitched. My recollect from looking at a Celtic Rambler (very attractive) is that it is considerably taller than a conventional caravan or motorhome which may add to storage problems.

  15. David C. Marsh says:

    I would consider a 5th wheel unit but only if there was one made no wider than a van conversion. The reason being is that the space in my garage is limited to an absolute maximum of seven feet and two inches wide so something a little less wide would give me a little space in which to manoeuvre. I only just manage to get my AutoSleeper Sandhurst into the space.

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