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  1. Matt Brady says:

    I have a 3 layer breathable cover on my caravan parked on my driveway.
    Can anyone advise how to prevent cats from using it as a scratching post.

  2. Gary C says:

    I purchased a Kampa Prestige Ultimate 3 Layer Caravan Cover in 2013. It was advertised as Green Breathable Caravan Covers Fits 7 – 7.6m 23/ 24/ 25 ft. After the Winter I opened the up the caravan to find considerable condensation and some of the wood panels including the door frame into the bathroom had warped. I removed the cover, turned on a gentle heat and ventilated the caravan. Most of the wood panels recovered over the following weeks.
    Not a good experience with an apparently breathable caravan cover. I have not used one since.

  3. Rob Leigh says:

    Very helpful article and comments, thanks, it’s decided me against a full cover for my Citreon Relay based van conversion … i fitted a silver screen inside the window of my Autocruise Stargazer cab, held in place by the sun shades and triangular door corner pockets, which I reversed so they were on the outside of the doors … Protects the cab from UV and extends the life.of the silverscreen … I don’t like using the concertina cab blinds as I’ve found extended exposure to UV/condensation degrades their properties.

  4. michael says:

    tried to buy a cover from Specialised Covers .said they could not make one.dont have a pattern .I have a auto-sleeper kemerton.

  5. David Lomas says:

    I purchased a cover from Specialised Covers, which has been excellent. It was custom made, and Specialised covers got me to take various measurements, and take photos of the hardware on the roof (such as the TV aerial) before they made it. The cover came complete with all the straps to fasten under the van, two extending poles to aid fitting, and padding. It fitted very well. The Velcro door made it easy to access the van during the winter. It is breathable, and I have had no issues with condensation. As with all covers you do need to pad and cover any sharp projections to prevent them rubbing on the inside of the cover in windy conditions, I found the rain gutters above the front window needed extra padding. I used bubblewrap and tape to hold it in place. The cover came with a repair kit, which I’ve not needed yet, and on removal in the spring the van looked like new underneath it. I have been very pleased with it, and can recommend Specialised Covers. (I have no connection with the firm, other than being a satisfied customer)

  6. Val Jackson says:

    Had a cover on our Swift caravan (Mayflower Breathable)and after a very wet winter it caused mould in the bathroom (was only left unchecked for a month) luckily it wiped off but I have read reports of it causing serious mould on some caravans. We didn’t put the cover back on. We now have a new Coachman and have no intention of putting a cover on it. Yes it might get a bit dirty over the winter months but its easily cleaned.

  7. Linda Jackson says:

    I always use a cover over winter on my Coachman caravan and find it very useful keeping it nice and clean and protected from the elements. Only slight damage I have experienced is the metallic paint on the skirt of the van got rubbed off by the strap in high wind so now I put pipe insulation around where the strap touches the caravan.

  8. Mr Whitfield Welsh says:

    I bought a cover from specialised covers for my brand new bailey unicorn cadiz 2013 model.when i removed it after the first winter a gust of wind came along and tore it from my hands and it ripped 8ft along a seam,specialised covers said it was storm damage,it cost me £120 to repair.removing it after the second winter i noticed one day in june that the windows on one side of the caravan had very fine circular scratches also the large window at the front,i also noticed that the paint work on one side had the same circular marks but you could only see any of them in certain light conditions.My dealer replaced the large front window trough the warranty. I have replaced the caravan this year with a(2018) Bailey unicorn valencia but i will never use another cover again as i believe it was the cover that caused the damage to the caravan,The winter winds blowing in one particular direction causing the cover to flap and grit going between the cover and caravan leaving damage to the windows and paintwork. I will say this however, the caravan after winter was left clean and fresh and you could see the difference.

  9. Tony White says:

    Ordered a Pro-tec at a Birmingham show, and when it arrived did not match what I had ordered. Pro-tec insisted I had the correct item and then placed the onus on me to pay for it’s return, and if nothing was wrong cost down to me! Subsequently used it, second year of use, when I took it off there was serious levels of mold found in the van, not experienced before or since. Would not buy another. Specialised Covers I have before with no problems of service or in use

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear of the problems you appear to have had with your cover Tony. I’m sure Protec would have resolved the issues had you returned the cover as they pride themselves on making quality products and providing good customer service.

  10. PETER BROOKS says:

    I use a Kampa cover on our Coachman Vision 575/4 which fits almost like a second skin. It can be a bit of a struggle to pull over using the securing straps. Once on it secures very well and does not move at all even in the highest of winds. I leave the power connected via a timer which charges the battery 1 hour per week, also recharging the two dehumidifier packs inside the van. It’s a delight removing the cover to find the caravan pristine clean, having cleaned it thoroughly inside and out in late Autumn.

  11. Iain M says:

    We had a full breathable cover on our old van and found it very difficult to handle and getting up. We then put new van in barn and thought no probs don’t need cover, so sold it!
    Be warned after 3 months what a mess, bird mess, spider spots, grit and worst rust stains from condensation from old steel beams. The solution – Fiamma lightweight half top cover with elastic
    straps. £90 perfick! To fit, 2 kids pop shoot bottles half filled (wrap in foam) tie 5 metres good string to neck then on to two eyelets one side. Now throw to assistance over van,pull both slowly and jobs done,might catch on dish or vents so have pole ready.Sail Chandlers have since fitted a clear window for Solar panel,job done.

  12. Peter Mahon says:

    Need custom cover for my Ford Transit Duetto camper van.. can you advise ?

  13. John Reading says:

    I used a Kampa cover on our Bailey motorhome for two winters. It claimed to be breathable but the van suffered from so much condensation that I had to buy a dehumidifier too. It also made wear marks on the paintwork where it touched any corners. I threw the cover away as I was so disappointed. Never again. I now use just a cab cover ( from Vancomfort), and leave the rest polished.

  14. Mike Cummings says:

    I don’t think you emphasis enough how important it is to make sure that the van and cover are immaculately clean before fitting. Even the smallest amount of dirt (microscopic) can and will damage the van, which will mean expensive repair bills.

  15. Jan Humphrey says:

    We purchased a Pro-Tec cover for our Autotrail motorhome which we used for the first time at the weekend and I have to say it is an impressive piece of kit. The only downside was one of the easyfit poles bent with the weight of the cover being pulled over the van so my husband got on the roof and pulled it over on his side. Now its on and tightened with the substantial strapping we are very pleased with the result.

  16. Lizz Cook says:

    I have a Silver Screen windscreen cover and live in an extremely windy place and some days it’s nearly been ripped off. It’s a one piece screen and hooks over the top corners of the doors of the cab with triangular pockets and impossible to tighten. Are there any screens that can be tensioned so the wind cannot get underneath. Last Sunday night it pushed the wipers up off it and I am frightened it will damage them. I have no inside storagefor the motorhome

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      It might be worth contact Silver Screen for advice on this and to make sure you have a screen which properly fits your base vehicle. Silver Screen and Taylors are the main suppliers of external screens in the UK and both manufacture to fit most motorhome base vehicles and can easily be contacted online.
      Taylors can be contacted on 01484 661 918 or email [email protected] and Silver Screen’s contact details are here:

  17. Cyril Bailey says:

    I do like the motorhome cover I may see how work goes first

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