Guide to gas barbecues for motorhomes and caravans

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  1. Rodger says:

    Have over the years had two Crusader Gordon portable gas barbecues. Very easy to use, clean and store. The biggest problem with them is that after a few years the inside metal gas diffuser tends to rust and eventually becomes unusable. However two in 18 years isn’t bad!

  2. Don Campbell says:

    this guide is pretty comprehensive and should help a lot of people. When I was looking (ended up with a Cadac 40) I found it was difficult to find good independent reviews and also I discovered some of them won’t adapt to a vehicle supply and will only work off their own bottles which is a problem since that makes them expensive to run and the bottles may not be readily available so avoid those.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Got a gas BBQ because our van has a BBQ gas point.
    It’s just a gas cooker out of doors. I struggle to see the point when I have a gas cooker IN the van with a well equipped kitchen all around it.
    The cooking plate is too big to be effectively cleaned in the caravan sink, so it’s a bit of a pain in the neck all around from my POV.
    That’s my two penn’orth, some folk it suits, me, not so much.

  4. Allan Humphreys says:

    Still have my cadac carri chef I have had it for about 20 years and I’ve replaced the grill plate once. I now use it mainly at home but the new cadac citi chef looks very good and would be ideal for our needs (just the two of us now ) your article made very interesting readings for bbq comparison’s

  5. BaileyStrempel says:

    Thanks for compiling the list of gas barbeques, that will definitely save time. It will be a great source of information for the people who are looking for it. I really appreciate your research.

  6. Andy says:

    also available at a bargain price on eBay

  7. Bob Horn says:

    Nice to know thnk you.

  8. Allan Gilmour says:

    Good article. I prefer the taste of food cooked over a charcoal BBQ, but it isn’t always convenient or allowed. I carry a foldaway charcoal BBQ with small bags of instant light charcoal. I also have a Cadac Safari Chef (canister version), the baby brother of the Carri Chef, and have used this for many years. It is a greatly versatile bit of kit, which gives you another cooking facility. I bought this for use in my tent camping days, but have used it for days at the beach and as an additional BBQ when having family over. Now it’s in the essential bits of kit that stays in the van.

  9. Alan Ford says:

    I may be old fashioned but I still prefer to cook over charcoal. I use a Cobb oven (use briquettes as they are much cheaper than Cobblestones but are slower to light) which is a very useful device that I seem to use more and more. Wonderful for roasting chickens.
    I also have a Weber Kettle BBQ which is a bit big to take with me so that usually stays at home but there are lots of folding barbecues availabl. I am also considering one of the smaller Weber Kettles. Superbly built and designed to last a very long time. I have used a 30 year old example that was still working perfectly, spares are available if necessary along with a huge range of accessories’
    It does take time to light charcoal but if you light the BBQ before you prepare the food to go on it that usually takes care of that. Choose your fire lighters carefully; as some, but not all, produce an unpleasant smell until things are burning properly.
    Also be carefull with siting your BBQ dont leave a burnt patch of grass. Many sites will happily supply you with bricks or concrete blocks to keep off the floor if you need them.

  10. Geoffrey Houghton says:

    We have used a Carri Chef for over five years and fine it great – easy to use, versatile and compact.
    It connects to our Motorhome gas supply

  11. Ken Dudbridge says:

    Good article, very informative, lots of useful tips, you cannot beat cooking and eating outdoors.

  12. Kenneth C Lott says:

    Hi just tried to buy the Gordon BBQ TO FIND it’s trade only!!!

  13. tom hatch says:

    Good article thank you.

  14. Dave says:

    Very informative showing a good range of value for money bbq.

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