Wi-Fi for your caravan or motorhome

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  1. Crystal Dabney says:

    When I am on the road with my caravan, I absolutely need Wi-Fi, especially with the kids! This article nailed it – simple emails or full-blown streams, this friend breaks down techniques such as providing travel advice. Now I’m ready to share my adventures online with no problems!

  2. Dan says:

    We also use the KUMA CONNECT PRO like one of your other comments. Superb value for money compared to the competition in my opinion, can’t understand why you didn’t include it as it’s £100 cheaper than the Avtex and Maxview
    Works everywhere we’ve been so far

  3. Gordon Turner says:

    There is no wifi on the seasonal caravan site which I use so I bought a mini router from ee which works brilliantly. Because I am on a seasonal site I use a 30 day rolling ee sim contract and pay £15 per month on direct debit for 25GB for each period. As I come to the end of the season I give notice to cancel The next season I only have to pay for the sim which includes the amount I want to spend….in my case £15 per month for the season but there are other choices.

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve subscribed to Starlink – it’s quite expensive per month (£65) but you can turn it off when you’re not going to be using it in any given calendar month. I get great signal absolutely anywhere. I mounted a telescopic antennae pole to my bike rack at the back, it clips onto there, takes me about 2 minutes to set up on camp. I get 150mbps minimum everywhere – use it for work a lot – Teams calls Etc, streaming movies (using an Amazon Firestick). I’ll be taking a five week break to France throughout September, but because I run a small tech business I need to be able to keep in touch / still work the odd day. It buys my freedom!

  5. Guy says:

    I use a Proroute H685 with Fullband high-gain omni-directional antenna; on a site near Askerswell recently & using EE PAYG SIM, I was getting 43Mbps down, 38Mbps up. The H685 has integral WiFi, WAN/LAN sockets; the LAN one provides Netflix/Youtube/BBC iPlayer/ITVx etc. via my Sony Blu-Ray DVD player. I’m really pleased with this set-up 🙂

  6. Joe the Bee says:

    I’ve had three years of dreadful internet both the camp Wi-Fi and the practically non existent phone signal. I’ve tried several different solutions none of which worked well. My problem is almost over because EE are installing some new phone masts near to the campsite. Hopefully I will be able to stream something that doesn’t keep stopping.

  7. Tom says:

    We use the KUMA CONNECT LiTE – 4G Router Booster Kit along with BroadBand GO in our MH and the system has always given us a good wi-fi signal. So easy to install!

  8. Rich says:

    Our site has very poor wifi signal, As I sometimes work from our static, I needed something reliable. Once I had established the best signal 4G/5G network, I got a suitable SIM and a Huawei B535 unlocked dual band (2.4/5Ghz) router from ebay. It works a treat. I have the option to add an external antenna if I wish, but it’s fine for everything I want including Netflix streaming and Teams calls for work.

  9. Donald Campbell says:

    The unlocked Huaweii is so much better than the locked EE. They might do the same job but it’s nice to have the choice of SIM and pricing.

  10. Donald Campbell says:

    We’ve had a Huawei mifi for some years now and it’s probably not a very sharp piece of kit any more, but we buy the 3 SIM which gives us 60GB lasting 2 years (any amount anytime and I seem to remember has to be used at least once in 6 months to stay active). It’s still going strong and worked all the way down to Croatia and back this year. Not really tempted to get anything much more (unless we won it of course). One year when UK operators were getting funny about roaming we simply bought a France Telecom SIM and were surprised at how much cheaper it was than the deals on “offer” in UK.

  11. David Paker says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ll definitely look into it. It really is frustrating if the signal is slow. . I’ll be willing to carry extra weight if it would boost connection,.

  12. Joseph Beardsworth says:

    I bought a Melon R658U router coupled with the the N519D directional antenna. I’m using it at home at present and it works great but when I take it to my static caravan and try to join the camp WiFi then it is not so great. The issue seems to be that the camp WiFi is open access. You need a password but it is very temperamental in having to open a login page frequently to rejoin. Other users with other setups don’t seem to have the same problem

    The antenna is good at drawing in distant signals but is totally unnecessary in my case. Finding an omnidirectional that will work with it is also a challenge. It’s also peculiar that the antenna is dual band but the router is single band. If there was a 5Ghz on site then that could be useful but as yet there isn’t.

    My biggest problem with the router though is lack of support from the manufacturer. Anything more than just a basic configuration and you are on your own. Unless of course if there is anybody out there knows how to set one of these up.

  13. Julia Carter says:

    We have purchased a static caravan to go in our field, there is no internet!!!
    We have 2 x 4G TVs, 2 x mobile phones & 2 iPads? What could we use? It’s for all year round usage? Can anyone help?

  14. ian smith says:

    Last June I arrived in the UK for the start of a UK and European motorhome holiday (12 month stay) I bought an unlocked TP-Link mi-fi unit. I told the Vodafone sales person that I intended to be in Europe for 9 months and on their recommendation I took out a 12 month contract for an unlimited data sim. After 3 months the mi-fi devise stopped giving me access to the internet (so I thought!) I eventually discovered that the “unlimited” data dropped to 20 gababyte when in Europe and after 3 months Vodafone locked me out.
    Lesson – Read the fine print.
    I’m still in Europe having chosen to stay here during the ‘virus lock down.
    Vodafone customer service has been fabulous and assisted me with extra data on my phone.

  15. bec says:

    Hi wondering if any one can help? I have a static caravan signal is not very good can pick up our on site WIFI but it isn’t very good. What device would be beneficial. Sorry no good at this tech stuff!
    Any one help?


    Hi I have a Huawei e5577c and a 4g xpol-AD0001 lye antenna which cable do I need to connect them to one another I did get a ts9 cable but it’s no good Phil

  17. allen ware says:

    Last year we took the plunge and bought a kuma wifi booster kit. We have a static caravan with no Wifi on site except in the site clubhouse where its free,our caravan is sited about 150 yards from the clubhouse and it picks up the free wifi signal no problem, I did not even have to put the booster outside the caravan to get a signal, it also picks up a whole host of other wifi signals from further away.

  18. Philip says:

    When in albuferia we use a local data sim, it’s about 17euros for 15 days unlimited data ideal for streaming. But when in the south of France we use a ee data sim with 50GB for £30 per month and cancel after the fist month, but remember to limit the data to 50GB otherwise you will get charged extra which is very expensive.
    If any body knows of any think better please post.

  19. dave mison says:

    Hi Sharon
    I used VOIP for many years when I lived in the USA so I’ve become quite the ‘untrained expert’.
    The long answer is to buy the Solwise Patriot Wi-Fi booster kit as the router gives you a network port to plug your VOIP phone box into, if you are in a location without wifi you can unplug the usb wifi antenna and use a 4g data dongle instead.
    There many be a simple answert too, your VOIP provider should have internet managment for your service and you may be able to simply divert all your calls to a cell phone.
    hope this helps

  20. sharon says:

    hoping someone who is more techy than me can help ? i run a business and use VOIP phones which i usually plug into a modem internet connection at home and used in USA SPain and France. However this year i am looking to travel Europe in our Caravan and also work daily and need to connect to internet and also be able to use a VOIP phone does anyone know what i can use or if even i can do it ? many thanks in advance.


  21. Terence Holland says:

    Am looking for device so I can have Internet at my static caravan.. Any help please

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Some of the devices mentioned in this post should help Terence. Or speak to your park operator to see what boosted services they might be able to offer.

  22. Jean Reeve says:

    To Paul Allman

    You state you purchase 24GB data costing £48 which lasts for 2 years – does this mean you are restricted to using 2GB per month or can it just be used on demand in a short space of time and then purchase another as necessary?

  23. Jason says:

    Bang on. If the pipe into the campsite is narrow or overloaded then the booster won’t speed it up. It may enable you to connect to another network, but having a secondary solution like a MiFi works well for us (in fact the MiFi is our primary solution with WiFi a back up). Cheers, Jay

  24. Jason says:

    We’re using a combination of WiFi booster and cellular via Huawei with a 4G antenna. We have an Android smart phone which we use to create a personal hot-spot when a particular county’s SIM won’t play with the MiFi. 800+ places and we’ve had Internet (almost) everywhere this way. More info here: http://ourtour.co.uk/home/online-in-a-motorhome-our-2016-internet-system/. Cheers folks, Jay

  25. JNS says:

    Unless you need to connect more than your smartphone and, say, laptop, just tether the phone to the laptop and use your existing mobile data allowance. You can then be online on phone and laptop with no kit or SIMS etc to buy. If your allowance is small or you think you’ll need lots of data, many providers will allow you to increase your limit for a month or buy one off extra data e.g. Tesco Mobile one off data bundle is £5 for 1Gb.

  26. Patricia Ellerker says:

    I got my MiFi from the EE shop..it was free and I pay £5.99 a month…if I go overseas, I just ring them for a top up, for that month only…

  27. Paul Allman says:

    I think the EE MIFI device others are referring to is the 4GEE WIFI Mini which is £49.99 and probably a typo at £4.95. These EE units may be cheaper to buy but you’re locked to their data packages or charges and could cost you a lot more in data charges then the units reviewed using cheaper provider sims. The article reviews the best units available in my opinion as the TP-Link or Huawei units are unlocked to use any and far cheaper mobile data providers. You can get the TP-Link M7350 unit for £61.21 on Amazon. They are only as good as the provider signal strength in particular areas but you can get a 3 Data sim loaded with 24Gb that lasts for 2-years for about £48 on Amazon. Just buy another when it runs out or get a couple from different providers to get a better chance of a good signal. Here’s another good guide:

  28. Owen Granfield says:

    Site wifi is fine until later in the day when lots of users join the network, many of whom try to stream.
    The motorhomewifi kit is excellent as is their customer support – but if there is no site wifi – the HUAWEI mifi works well – if there is a phone signal = and 3 customer support works well
    And the technology improves steadily

  29. Sylvia Longhurst says:

    I used EE, they advised me to go …. Pay as you go, can cancel anytime, I bought the little box with sim, I cancelled after hol in plenty of time, they charged me approx £20.00 for month and still charged me half the month after, so it worked out more expensive than just hot spot with my mobile,

  30. Jim weir says:

    Any android or apple phone can be used as a modem. I gave my mifi away three years ago. There are loads of free apps that let you just connect online as you would any wireless router.

  31. John Pinney says:

    What the EE for £4.95 is as I have been looking got it online but can’t find it?

  32. John Pinney says:

    What is this please, looked online but could not find it!

  33. william.allen says:

    We use an EE Osprey2 wifi device on a pay as you go basis,And up to now have found it to be very good and at less the half the price of the items you are showing.

  34. Graham Jones says:

    Wi-Fi boosters may “boost” the signal but what happens to the bandwidth. If the original bandwidth is low the “boosted signal” will still be low and as such won’t be of any better. Or have I missed something?

  35. welemmer says:

    The EE at £4.95 is most sensible. Why exclude it from the review?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the EE device. We simply can’t include all products but please feel free to share a device you have found useful.

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