Getting the best out of the Alde Compact 3010 heating system

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  1. Alfred Moore says:

    Hi my Aldi 3010 monitor display screen is totally blank and is will not light up hence no hot water and no heating checked what fuses I could find they seem ok can you give me any advice thank you ALf Moore

  2. Dave says:

    I would just like to comment on Alde UK and Leigh Marsden the MD and to add to that all of his Staff. My son who owns a Bailey Caravan suffered a total fail of his Heating Unit. Having spent in the region of £500 in repairs he was still in the position of no heating. Leigh having heard of his problem invited him to take his Caravan to their premises. I accompanied my Son and have got to say we were treated so nicely, Leigh personally (even though obviously a very busy man) personally saw to the Caravan. His motto is nobody with Alde Heating should have to suffer cold nights. Within a short time he had diagnosed the fault as the wiring having been at Manufacturer level trapped under part of the shell. Nothing was too much trouble, his staff also it must be said all have his attitude polite and professional. We left with a warm Caravan for the first time in months. Their enthusiasm for their product has to be seen. If any of the team read this another big thanks.

  3. Bob Carr says:

    You can just reduce the temperature to as low as it will go then you will just have hot water .

  4. Alan says:

    Hi we have a alde system and have had no problems. At all till today. Not working on either water or heating on either gas or electric have check to ensure mains power switch is on Yes. Have checked RCB yes on have checked fuses yes thermostat on. Gas on green light yes electric heater elements 1kw &2kw on yes
    Help. Please it’s getting very cold in here

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Alan,

      Have you tried contacting Alde directly? They’re probabaly the best people to contact. There’s a FAQ section on their website that might help, click here for details.

      Alternatively you could contact their customer service team by clicking here.

      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

      Many thanks


  5. phil says:

    Eldiss aspire…..just trying out heating “only” on mains on the Alde 3010 system,just read all postings and agree that control panel is a challenge!
    Taking ages to warm up…very gradual,think I will try the gas boost tomorrow,anyone got any thoughts?

  6. B.Savage says:

    I have a new lunar lexon470 the towel rail in the wash room only heats at the bottom .Have tried bleeding but do not get any air or water coming out. Ihave also tipped the van front and back with no affect .I have taken the top off the rail and there is no water in the top. The rest of the system works fine.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sounds like you’ve done all you can to solve the problem B Savage. Perhaps one to get your dealer to take a look at?

  7. Cameron Wills says:

    We have a Sterling Elite Explorer 2012 model. Worked out heating using gas or electric. Worked out hot water using gas but couldn’t get hot water using electricity.
    Had an electrician check things out to find the connections to the hot water and space heater switches had been transposed at the main fuse board ! All working at treat now.

  8. Giles Downer says:

    I have Alde in a Dethleffs 2012 motorhome, it’s fantastic and I’d never buy another van without, we’ll and truly worth the upgrade cost, I also opted for the heat exchange to heat the van/water as you drive, not used that side much but can see in certain conditions this will be useful.
    Many comments from people saying how complicated the Control Panel is, for simple on/off operation and controlling the temperature it’s really easy, one on/off button this will then give you constant hot water and heating to a controlled temperature, Simples…

  9. Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

    Thanks John, hopefully that should help Sandra.

  10. JOHN IRVINE says:


  11. Sandra Gray says:

    Please help may sound silly but have new lunor clubman sb and trying to bleed bathroom rad, lam turning white screw but just going round and round do l have to turn metal screw in center of white plastic screw can anyone help old lady thanks

  12. Ivor says:

    We have an Alde system in our 2012 swift bolero motorhome.
    When we have a shower and adjust mixer tap to temperature, its ok for a few seconds then comes out scalding hot so have to re-adjust and the same happens or opposite freezing cold.
    It just won’t stay just right.
    can the boiler temperature be turned down so we don’t have to mix the hot and cold.
    I also agree, the controls are way, way too many and too complicated. I’d rather put up with the old noisier system with the on/off thermastat.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Good question Ivor. We’ll refer it to Alde and see if they respond.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ivor

      I received a response from the nice guys at Alde UK concerning your query on the heating system in your Swift Bolero motorhome:

      Unfortunately not. All boilers/water heaters have to heat the hot water to over 50 C to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria in the water.
      Over 50 C, water is too hot for skin contact, so must be mixed with cold water to create useable warm water (generally 38-41 C in a caravan).
      To automatically mix the warm water, either a thermostatic mixing valve or a thermostatic shower can be used. This equipment is fitted as standard in homes and work places, and boats, but as yet isn’t standard in most caravans.
      Best regards,
      Service Care
      Alde UK Team

      I realise perhaps not the answer you were looking for but at least explains the reasoning for not being able to turn down the boiler temperature.

  13. Arthur says:

    We go mainly to sites with no mains and use propane gas and a generator. Would the Alde 3010 be suitable?

  14. Malcvolm says:

    Some air must be getting into the system (without water getting out!) . As a first step I would check that all the other bleed valves are fully closed. (you will have to search for them – there was nothing in the caravan manual as to their locations – one of ours was hidden beneath a shelf in the batnroom cupboard)

  15. alan o says:

    just returned from a couple of weeks in N Devon. so cold had to use the Alde 310 almost constantly.
    Problem I have is that the system needs to be bled using the washroom rad. bleed valve almost constantly, at least 3 or 4 times a day.
    Any ideas why. The fluid level doesnt seem to have dropped so where is the aircoming from?

  16. Cliff says:

    Have tried to set for night /day temperatures but failed ! Resorted to manual setting and found that it takes forever for the pump to start up and thought it wasn’t working so tried again and again. Realised that patience is required and waited for about 15 minutes before pump started and heat followed some time after. Once up and running it is far superior to blown air but agree with almost everyone that it’s far too complicated and the instructions leave a lot to assumption. Could someone make an idiot sheet to help please ? Yes I am an idiot when it comes to this complicated control system, ( at handover the guy said you need a quali in computer programming to operate it ! ).

  17. Malcvolm says:

    Brrr, getting a bit cool now, how do I turn the heating on to override the night temperature setting? The fancy Swift colour control panel seems lacking in some vital functions.

    Had our swift challenger se for 4 months now, with alde 3010 heating system. Much better than previous caravan with blown air heating. But much slower to warm up than a cheap fan heater! Overall it’s great. I think I am in total control of the system, programming it to come on before we get home after a day out, to cool down at night and come on in the morning. However it’s now late at night and cooled down by 10 degrees in the night temperature mode. I am still up and want it warmer. I can’t find a simple ‘ on now’ function, other than resetting timers. Will have to wait till 7.00 am to get warm.

    Hoping for software upgrades.

  18. Brian Wong says:

    Has anyone fitted either 12v.or 240v. inline pump to Alde Compact 3010 system. Any help please Brian.

  19. jan says:

    Took a good cup of coffee and peace and quiet to sort out how to do things. Got it now thanks

  20. Mal says:

    I have been using aldi heating for 17 years.I find it very good,it has been working for 10 years in my Vanmaster with no problem.
    I found the programer very complicated so I changed it for a honeywell thermostat so simple and easy to use.
    hope this is of interest.

  21. jan says:

    I asked the Alde UK team if I could heat van not water. Here are their replies: “If there is freshwater in the system, it will be heated along with the antifreeze solution. However, the system doesn’t require fresh water in it to operate. Over the winter, for example, you’d drain down the freshwater and run the central heating as normal.”
    I sent them second email just to be sure asking can I run the heater without water and heat the caravan using the mains electricity with the main isolating switch on? They replied “Correct, and indeed that’s what we advise you do over the winter.”
    then Alde added
    “Some horsebox manufacturers never even connect the freshwater side of the boiler, using it for central heating only. No damage results.”
    Hope this helps

  22. Geoff says:

    Jan you have said you have worked out how to heat the van and not the water.Could you please give a few more details?
    Thank you.

  23. jan says:

    Just bought a new Bailey unicorn with the Alde 3010 heater. How can heat the van and not the water?? Worked out how to do it the other way after a few hours! Why is it so complicated!

  24. Dawn says:

    We have had a Baileys Valencia for 18 months and still find the controls far too complecated, so far we have not been able to set up the timer. Bearing in mind my OH is a Heating engineer!
    Have looked at the YouTube thingy but not much help!

  25. val says:

    I have alde heating system and the hot water in the shower only stayed hot for a matter of minutes any tips as to why

  26. Tim says:

    Dose anyone know how to set the timer?

    • Craig says:

      The only thing I could suggest for that is to check the manual.
      Or if you don’t have the manual, download it from the Alde Website here
      I’m guessing that your ‘van will have one of the control panels listed on that webpage. Select the relevant control panel user manuals and there are details of how to set the heating to come on automatically in there.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  27. Kevin Beaton says:

    Our Swift Kontiki fairway has an Alde 3010 it is replacement for a Primus system which failed and was fitted before I purchased the van in 2010. it works great but i to have never fully understood the 24 hr timer, it doesn’t retain a memory of settings as when you start the engine it looses its power supply this cant be correct. i to would like it to work whilst driving only if it is safe to do so.

  28. Vincent Fairclough says:

    We have a Bessacar E582 purchased in March 2012 with an Alde 3010 system. It works great – when you can work out the controls, which are far too difficult and complicated. Does anyone know where you can get a simple step by step instruction guide? The quick start guide and the vehicle handbook are rubbish and understanding what is going on is not helped by all the various lights/indicators staying on most of the time. Why they cannot have a number of simple switches for gas/electric, water only, heat only, water and heat and temperature and a simple timer I do not know.
    The frustration at trying to get it to work properly is spoiling a great van.

  29. Richard Morton says:

    i have a 2012 aspire motor home says heating works while driving how do i get this to work any suggestions

  30. Harry Kenyon says:

    Having used blown air systems for over 20 years this is far to complicated
    Have tried and tried to get my head around but struggle
    Having said that only got this van on March 22nd 2012
    As for instructions it doesn’t make any sense to me at all far to complicated

  31. p warne says:

    I have have my bessacarr cameo for 7 years .. alde system great … but this week the pump is working but has started to bubble/splash the liquid in the topup chamber … any ideas why anyone??

  32. Phil Doyle says:

    Follow up comment after four outings over winte, Alde system is almost silent with no cold spots at all. Heat up time is slow but combined gas and electric works a treat (8.5kw into even a large caravan is very effective) Control system is still way to complex i only use the top menu and have still not ventured into the lower menu with any success. I set back the night temperature by manually dropping the setting on the top menu and then raising it again in the morning. This can be set up to be automatic using the bottom menus but have not had any success yet.

    • kevin reynoldson says:

      ty watching the various alde heating videos on you tube i was exactly the same as you with my system but the you tube videos have made the job very simple and are really easy to follow.

  33. D Hurst says:

    I have had Alde heating on boat and caravans. This 3010 is by far the most complicated to operate. On my last 3000 there was a simple arrangement of switches setting heat hot water or both and either 1or 2 kw or gas. The simple programmer allowed me to set required temperatures throughout each day for 1 week repeating. Lovely and easy. With my new Lunar caravan and the 3010, well I am in trouble. The menu is to me complicated with very poor diagrams explanations or clear instructions. Bear in mind that I learned to write with a slate and a scraper so I am an ancient Brit.not too familiar with mod tech. Can anyone help please?

  34. Phil Doyle says:

    Used this system for the first time last month in our new van it is much better than a blown air system with no cold spots and no draughts. the controls are too complicated, I found myself wishing for a simple ‘on’ switch instead of navigating the menus

  35. steve davis says:

    Have now used the alde system for 2 seasons after 20 years with blown air, the temperature is constant so no cold feet/bathroom/or in fact any area of the caravan its without doubt the greatest development in many years and has extended our season we leave it on all the time and know that whenever we come back to van its always the temperature we want it to be.

  36. Seares says:

    Quote from article-“The heating circuit has convectors and radiators that are located around the exterior walls below bunks and cabinets with vent panels at floor and backrest height allowing the cool air at floor level to be drawn in and heated so that it rises to ceiling height.”
    Surely this is the problem with caravan heating- cold feet and hot heads. Blown hot air at floor level is better than radiated head above. No matter how sophisticated the electronic controls may be I want my feet to be warmed!

  37. Mick says:

    From my experience, you can select hot water, heating or both. You can also boost the hot water temperature for 30 minutes. If heating is selected at the time, the circulation pump will automatically switch off. After 30 mins the pump restarts and normal hot water and central heating continue if that was what was selected.
    Please note that on my system, I have to reset the time on the control unit whenever the mains hook up has been disconnected.
    I have found that the heating takes a good 2 hours to become effective so I select it to come on around 4am so that it is toasty warm by the time I get up.

  38. GEOFF says:

    Is it possible to have just the water heater on,without it switching to the caravan heating after so long.I put my water heater on and after so long it switches itself of,and the heating comes on.Is this the way it should be?

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