It’s all about the Ducato – when it comes to the base vehicle!

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  1. Richard says:

    The Ducato is absolute garbage. I love our motorhome but hate the piece of junk up front. Clutch, gearbox, air con and ECU all have failed in the last three years. I hope motorhome manufacturers start running away from this poorly engineered piece of junk very soon.

  2. David says:

    75% of all the motorhomes out there are Fiats yet they only got 36% of the votes. That surely makes Fiat a big loser. The brands whose proportion of the votes were greater than their market share are the real winners. That probably makes Mercedes and Ford looking good.

  3. Clive says:

    I have driven vans all my driving life, (50yrs), we have very little choice as to the chassis as the conversion manufacturers choose for us, more than likely cost, my van is a 2011 Ducato 10000 miles and compared to other commercial vehicles I have driven It’s an old dog, gear change poor, torque steer awful and it’s noisy, but has sufficient power as most modern engines would have & how long will these poor quality switches last.
    BUT we brought it second hand at a good price so it will do, as the rest of the van is perfect for us.
    Me a Transit, Mercedes/ VW rear wheel drive any day youpays your money.

  4. Idris Dibble says:

    Chausson offer both Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit . I have had a Chausson Best of 10 on the Ford Transit for 2 years, it now done over 12,000 miles with no faults from the Ford Transit.

  5. clive 1 says:

    motorhome manufacturers have decided the base vehicle for you,
    we purchase our motorhomes based on the layout of the interior,
    Do you know of any manufacturer that offers you a choice of the base vehicle of your own choice ?
    “Nuff Said”

  6. Glenn says:

    I suspect the Ducato wins hands down as it is the first choice for most manufacturers and out numbers all the others.

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