Keeping the contents of your motorhome safe

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  1. John Stephenson says:

    We have a Peugeot Boxer based motorhome (2004 shape) and tried to buy secondary cab door locks, but none were available. As an alternative we use a 300kg ratchet strap between the internal door handles. It makes the doors impossible to open even if the locks are compromised. You can still rotate the front seats as normal. In case of an emergency we have a seat belt cutter on the dashboard when we are “at home”. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Mike says:

    We were also broken in to in Italy, firstly in Milan and secondly in Pisa, the Ducatto lock is simply forced with a screwdriver in a way that triggers the central locking.

    Our best buy was a £50 Yale safe bolted to the floor and wall of our wardrobe. Wallets, passports, cash, iPhone, iPad et al live in the safe and were untouched. The thieves were left to steal odds and ends that had some monetary value but no personal value at all. Touring Italy we now assume theft is likely and travel with this in mind.

  3. Linda and Colin says:

    A cautionary tale. In May we visited, Pompeii, Rome, Pisa and places in between. On our last night we stayed on an Aire in Sportono. We paid €13 and were surrounded by 20/30 other Motorhomes. We went to bed as usual, locking all the doors and engaging the alarm.It rained very hard until 3am. The following morning my husband could not understand why when he disengaged the locks nothing happened. We soon realised that the drivers door was open, the lock forced, we had been broken into during the night but had not heard a thing . Strange because I am a very light sleeper. The thief had obviously been in the van for some time because a number of items, including cameras and sat nav, that were not on show,had been taken. A very helpful Italian Motorhomer took my husband too the police station, at least to report the incident and obtain a report. We had heard the stories on the motor homing community but you never think it will happen to you, but it does. We thought we had done enough, obviously not. We have since had security locks put on the inside of both doors and a lock on the habitation door. The moral is do as much as you can to ensure the safety of yourself and your belongings. It hasn’t put us off but it was very upsetting.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Linda and Colin, thanks for getting in touch.

      That is such a shame but at least with the security locks in place you can be sure that it won’t happen again! We offer a number of premium discounts for extra security if you want to take a look here for details. Thanks again!

  4. Alan says:

    I agree my German Shepherd is a very good deterrent I wouldn’t try anything around her if I was a thief

  5. Colin Eccles says:

    Just finished reading your motorhome security article, very informative ! it’s reassuring to know we’re doing it all right at the moment; but I must add it makes a big difference to your peace of mind when you’ve got a Dobermann sat looking out through your windows !

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