Low-Wattage appliances for caravanning and motorhoming

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  1. greyowl says:

    in the same ballpark

    vango sizzler single induction hob
    cosori 2 l air fryer 800 w

    have used both in mh – excellent

  2. David Ray says:

    He would reply, but he’s waiting for his soup to heat up from last Sunday :⁠-⁠)

  3. davegleeds says:

    Useful reading. The outdoor hob looks interesting. Russell Hobbs travel kettle for us at 1000W. A bit quicker than the whistling kettle and of course it uses the site electric to save our gas

  4. Ernest James Sollis says:

    an 800W microwave is the output power: the input is probably nearer 1000w as measured on my caravan microwave at service time.
    Ernie Sollis

  5. richardleathemgmailcom says:

    John, please be kinder when commenting. This is a genuinely helpful article introducing items readers may not know existed

  6. Bert says:

    I regularly use a 800watt microwave to complement the dual fuel hob. Even with the kettle on at the same time, a 10amp supply coped. In nearly 40 years of caravanning I have only ever tripped the supply when the heating, kettle and microwave were all on at the same time. Easy to fix. Just turn one appliance off for a few minutes.

  7. Simon says:

    Very informative. Food for thought, get it? (Food) oh well, everyone’s a critic!

  8. Geoff Gambrill says:

    Some good info.

  9. Keith Jackson says:

    Any info on Romeskas?

  10. Andrew says:

    Thank you for this. The mini muliti-cooker looks interesting, especially considering it can cook cake!

  11. Dave says:

    Please check microwave, 700w is cooking power the wattage it uses will be nearer 1200w

  12. Idris Dibble says:

    Excellent advice and very useful thank you.

  13. David says:

    Excellent and informative article.

  14. john says:

    I would not buy any of these items. I did buy a microwave for my camper 320 watts. Anything near 1000 w is not low wattage. Very poor article, badly researched, poor choices.

    • Thanks for your feedback John. Generally, around the 1,000 mark is considered low-Wattage in the touring caravan/motorhome sector. It’s also worth noting most manufacturers fit microwave ovens rated at around the 800Watt mark as this is considered the most efficient for a leisure vehicle.
      Good luck with your 320Watt microwave. We’d love to hear more about it and how it works for you.

  15. Tim Barker says:

    Excellent and really useful newsletters

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